Top appliance maintenance tips for your new home


Moving into a new home can be one of the biggest steps you take in life, the pride experienced from such a feat can rarely be matched and should always be celebrated.

Once you move in, you get to enjoy the process of decorating, tailoring each room to your personal taste and experience the best benefits to full fledge adulthood. Although with all these benefits there is an immense level of responsibility and pressure to ensure your new home and the new furnishing’s you place inside it stay in top condition.

When it comes to maintenance your kitchen is the most important part of your home, you’ll need to stay on top of it as it contains some of your most expensive home purchases.

We’ll talk you through three of the most common appliances and the key tips for their maintenance.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Maintaining a washing machine although a basic task is a big factor in how long your appliance lasts. Most owners forget simple tips such as to not overload washes, avoiding slamming the machine door and to make sure the machine is placed on a level platform.

Sometimes you need more than a talk through when it comes to washing machine maintenance, our key tip would be to set some time aside to watch the professionals show you the best ways to maintain, click here for a video by Hotpoint Service, that helps breaks down the exact How-to’s to keep this appliance in top shape.

Oven Maintenance

An oven is most likely the kitchen appliance you’ll spend the most time using and with continuous use it can become temperamental quite easily.

To increase the longevity of your appliance, it is a good idea to take a structured approach to maintenance. It is ideal to set up a weekly maintenance schedule, consisting of days you’ll maintain, the exact maintenance tasks you’ll undertake and how often you’ll complete the maintenance tasks.

Rik Hellewell, founder, and MD at Ovenu suggests the key tips to keeping your oven in great condition is down to making your own D.I.Y oven cleaner, as this reduces cost, ensures you are aware of all the products in the solution. He suggests a simple mix of white vinegar and baking soda, is very effective at removing grease and grime.

Start off with this simple tip on a regular basis to ensure there is no build up to your appliance that would cause it to stop functioning at its best capacity.

Dish Washer Maintenance

To ensure great wash results from your new appliances it is suggested to regularly keep it maintained.

Our tip for doing this would be firstly monitoring how well crockery is coming out from a cycle. If you do notice your dishes are not coming out as clean as possible. Ensure you aren’t overloading each cycle, be sure to check nothing is blocking the spray arms from turning and make sure you’ve scraped away any excess food that may be trapped in the filter at the bottom of the cavity.


Maintenance is an ongoing task, it requires to be organised with your process to get the best results.

We suggest spending equal amounts of time on each appliance and allocating this time on at least a bi-weekly basis if you follow these tips you should ensure your appliances last the minimum standard of five years and beyond.