Top Arizona Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List


Arizona is best known for its desert landscape and warm weather. This state has a lot to offer for those who enjoy outdoor activities and adventures, as well as those who want to relax and unwind under the sun. Arizona vacationers can find plenty of day trip destinations that will surely be worth the journey. From natural landmarks to man-made creations, there are plenty of Arizona destinations that can be added to your bucket list.

1. The Grand Canyon

One popular destination is the Grand Canyon National Park, located about 4 hours away from Phoenix. This national park is home to numerous hiking trails and places for camping. It’s also possible to take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or go on a mule ride down to the bottom of the canyon.

In order to experience it in its entirety, it’s always best to spend at least one night there. There are plenty of RV rental options, as noted by the travel experts at, which will allow you to enjoy the scenery from dusk until dawn. Many people find that having a chance to see the Grand Canyon both in the morning light and in the evening is a one-of-a-kind experience that they won’t easily forget.

If you plan on going exploring the Canyon, you might want to bring your hiking boots and plenty of water. There are numerous trails that offer different levels of challenges, so it’s important to choose the right path depending on your skills and experience.

2. Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu is one of Arizona’s favorite getaway spots for summer vacationers and water sports enthusiasts. This destination offers plenty of activities, such as boating and swimming in the lake, as well as jet skiing and other fun water sports.

Regardless of how you plan on getting there, there are plenty of transportation options that can be convenient for large families or groups. It’s always important to stay fresh during longer trips, so make sure to have everything you might need for a relaxing and comfortable road trip prepared and ready before you set out. There are also many lodging options to choose from, but it’s best to book your vacation well in advance.

Apart from the more physical activities, there are also plenty of restaurants to dine in, as well as places to shop for souvenirs. Visitors can also find a number of casinos near the area where they can have a chance to try their luck at gambling. This makes it a great destination for all types of travelers.

3. Sedona

Another Arizona destination for those who want to escape the city and relax is Sedona, located about 3 hours away from Phoenix. Many people like coming here because of its abundant natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere that makes it perfect for a weekend getaway. Aside from the numerous hotels and resorts in this area, there are also many campsites that provide the perfect view of the red rocks.

There are plenty of Sedona attractions for travelers to enjoy, such as Red Rock State Park and Cathedral Rock Trail. There are also other trails that you can explore where you will get to see stunning rock formations up close. If you want to take it slow, then you can choose to take a driving tour around this area.

Aside from the Red Rocks, there is also Oak Creek Canyon that offers visitors beautiful views of waterfalls and canyons. You can choose to take a leisurely stroll or go on an adventure through one of the trails in this area.

4. Cottonwood

Cottonwood is Arizona’s hidden gem. Located only about 2 hours away from the state’s capital city of Phoenix, the town is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains that make it perfect for camping, hiking, or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon in nature.

The area offers visitors plenty of lodging options to choose from, whether they want to rest in Cottonwood hotels or enjoy an overnight stay in nearby Prescott. If you want to get away from the city and relax, then this is the ideal destination for you. One of the most popular sites in this town is the Verde River, where people can enjoy a leisurely day of fishing or kayaking in a calm and scenic environment.

If you want to go out in the evening, then there are also bars and restaurants that offer live music and other entertainment options. However, if you just want to have a quiet place to sit back and relax, then you can also check out the various cafes and coffee shops in Cottonwood.

5. Flagstaff

Flagstaff is another popular destination in Arizona that offers visitors exciting destinations to check out. There are plenty of accommodations in this area, such as hotels and resorts.

This area offers visitors the chance to enjoy the beautiful Northern Arizona scenery while also exploring different attractions like museums or historical landmarks in nearby Sedona. If you want to take a break from sightseeing and relax, then you can also visit some of the different parks in this area.

There are plenty of Flagstaff restaurants where you can try out delicious local dishes, as well as cafes and bars where you can listen to live music or enjoy board games with friends and family. No matter what time of year you visit this area, there is always something new to explore.

6. Tombstone

Tombstone is another destination in Arizona that is perfect for those who want to experience the Old West and enjoy some of the unique attractions this area has to offer. One of the most popular places in Tombstone is Boot Hill, where many people come to check out the old outlaws’ graves.

Another important landmark in this area is the OK Corral. There are many interesting stories that people can learn about this area’s history, which is why it makes a great destination for those who want to learn more about the Wild West. This place really makes you feel like you are in another time period thanks to its rustic buildings and streets. You can explore all these different places by joining a guided tour to make it easier for you.

Arizona has a lot of different destinations that all offer something unique, from its beautiful landscapes to its historically rich cities. If you want to experience everything this state has to offer, then check out the different locations and choose which ones would be best for your travel plans. You can also visit all of them in one trip and enjoy a wide range of activities that will surely make any vacation memorable. Remember that you should always plan ahead and book your hotels or resorts in advance to get the most out of your trip. Have fun!