Top Bavarian Must-Visits


Germany is the country where not only entrepreneurs but also millions of tourists arrive annually. Every German federal unit has got certain cultural peculiarities. Thus, to feel the spirit of the country, it is better to devote some time to every federal unit. Among the others, Bavaria is widely beloved by travelers from Europe, as well as from all over the world.

If you are ready to drink your glass of beer in numerous Biergartens, get your tickets to Munich booked, find accommodation, and order a bus charter Munich that will become your companion during the trip. To prepare the list of sights to be visited, here are a few places suggested for consideration.

Top Must-Visit Sights in Bavaria

  1. The Munich Residenz is one of the most grandeur palaces within the territory of Europe. This is not just an edifice that impresses with the might of its previous inhabitants, this is the beauty of parks, fountains, and alleys that surround the palace. Besides, the part of it is now a museum that should be visited to dive into the heart of Bavarian history.
  2. Marienplatz and the Neues Rathaus, as typically in every city, are the central square and the town hall of Munich. In medieval times, it was used for tournaments and courts. Nowadays, there are lots of shops, and in this square, most holidays are celebrated. If you have the possibility to visit Munich during the Christmas season, you will be astonished by the way Marienplatz looks like.
  3. Frauenkirche — the brick Cathedral Church of Our Lady. It is recognized by its bright red rooftop, as well as high 100-meter twin towers. Inside it, there is a tomb and plenty of statues that deserve your attention. There is also the possibility to climb to the observation site on the top and admire a breathtaking view of the Bavarian Alps.
  4. Asamkirche is a Rococo-style Asam Church that cannot be missed. Its exterior and interior are abundantly decorated with paintings, frescoes, and various figures, each of which is a masterpiece itself.
  5. Englisch Garten is the place to visit in spring and summer as this is one of the most beloved relaxation zones for Bavarians. This is the biggest natural park in the country, as well as known for being the most beautiful. Have a picnic and enjoy a delicious Bavarian beer on the grass of the park. In such a way, you will feel how it is to be a German from Bavaria.

Munich is among the top-visited German cities. Once you have planned to visit it, make sure to have enough time to visit most of its attractions. That is why it makes sense to search for the logistics means that will not make you spend half of the time in trains regular buses. Enjoy your vacation in Munich, this is going to be a trip to remember.