Are You on Top of Your Cleaning? Make Sure Your Home is Safe and Healthy


Most people, at the very least, spend approximately fifty percent of their everyday life inside their own homes. Even more, people do so without recognizing that there exists a link between their homes and their health and well-being.  Though we feel safe inside, where we live can also contribute to potential health hazards.  Lead-based paint, rodent or insect infestations, pesticides, and mold are but a few examples. Some dangers are invisible to us, such as carbon monoxide. 

Regrettably, there are instances when regardless of what you have been doing, unwanted pest strike and get working to overrun your premises. With such a large assortment of vermin looking to get into your house, it is difficult to discern the harmless but annoying ones from those that are more dangerous, causing damage and illness. 

It is vital that you take immediate action to eliminate a pest invasion. This is the time to contact a local professional. Families in my hometown of Oceanside, for example, need to find the best pest control in San Diego County. This business is the perfect example of a superior and reliable expert in pest control elimination.

Trying to take on pests on your own comes with an enormous risk. Choosing to contact a professional ensures the job is done right the first time. No one wants to risk bedbugs or other vile pests invading their home.

When cleaning around the house, take a moment to consider the labels on the cleaning products you use daily. Chlorine and ammonia are harsh, not only to your family but likely on any surface being cleaned. Choose friendlier, natural cleaning agents, proven to be just as effective and much safer. Vinegar is great for cleaning floors as is baking soda for washing out the kitchen sink or cleaning bathroom tiles. 

In the kitchen, take a look at what you use to cook your family’s meals. Any pot or pan with a coating of Teflon will likely contain Perfluorinated chemicals that will slowly build up in your body and are thought to be a possible carcinogen for humans.  Consider stainless steel, cast iron or copper-coated pans as a great way to cook up a healthy, safe, and tasty meal for your loved ones.

Mold and mildew are able to flourish in the bathroom, introducing quite a few health concerns. Watery, irritated eyes to asthmatic bouts are possible so clean your bathroom properly.The padding and adhesives many carpets and rugs use when installed give off VOCs identical to those in paint. Flu-like symptoms or ear and respiratory tract discomfort are common complaints. 

Finally, keep your home well-ventilated. Getting fresh air into your home filters, circulates, and decreases your family’s contact with all sort of organic materials that cause infections. Change the filters in your heating and cooling units on a regular basis. Keep dryer lint traps hygienic and always use the exhaust fan, either in the kitchen or bathroom, to help move the air in your house. 

Germs, bacteria and harsh chemicals, along with any other infestation, are capable of doing damage if they are ignored. Providing a home that is significantly more healthy and safe does not need to cost a fortune, as well as be stressful and overwhelming to achieve. Only a few improvements may boost the overall health of your house and that of your family.