Top Dreamer Says Pearl Objects are a Must for Every Décor Style


Pearls are trending in the home décor industry,and it’s a direction that’s set to stay. Since Top Dreamer first pointed it out, we’ve noticed even more pearl-accessorized décor items everywhere.Trend authorities describe pearl décor home accents as the hottest neutral tone ever, and when you discover how you can use pearls to enhance any decorating scheme, it’s easy to see why. Pearls add a glamorous touch to classic natural colors, lend shine to formal black and white, and unify bold colors with some dazzle.

If you’re looking for décor ideas to spruce up your home or update your style and lend elegance to your rooms, you can’t go wrong when you add pearl accents. Since the 4th century BC,pearls and mother-of-pearl inlay adorned jewelry and functional items such as daggers, mirrors, and furniture. Items in the homes of the wealthy were often encrusted with pearls and gemstones. With the many pearl types available today, you needn’t be rich to afford pearls with a deep luster and classic shape,and if you’re decorating purely for fun, there’s always faux pearls.

There are many ways you can use pearls as décor accents in your home. Theypair well with any color and combine pleasingly with many different materials such as velvet, leather, wood, ceramic, and metal. The elegant round shape and reflective gleam of quality pearls make them the ideal ingredient to add texture to surfaces, and to create patterns on décor items. Pearls aren’t confined to a particular decorating style either, you can use them with any theme from shabby chic to modern minimalism,and they even work well in formal rooms. With so much flexibility, it’s clear that pearls are a décor trend that will endure, so let’s look at a few ways you can add them to your home.

Lamps and Candles

Source: The French Secret on Etsy

Pearls might not have the bling-effect of crystals, but they have their own brilliance. Pearlslend sophistication and flair to any room when light reflects warmly off their shimmering surface. You can use them on everything from chandeliers to lampshades and candle holders. For a quick décor accent, you can even wrap a string of pearls directly around a candle.

Door Knobs

Source: Anthropologie

Door knobs are an often-overlooked home element. If you are updating a room, replacing door knobs on built-in furniture, cupboards, and doors is an easy and inexpensive way to redecorate. With a screwdriver and just a few dollars, you can have an entirely new look in minutes.

Accent Tables

Source: 1stDibs

Accent tables are small handy pieces of furniture that are often overlooked for the point of interest they can add to a room. What better place to put small ornaments, books, magazines, a pot plant, and even a cocktail at sunset. Accent tables inlaid with mother-of-pearl were a favorite souvenir from Persia and the Orient brought home by travelers of the past. Whether it’s the elegance and romance of a bygone era or just because they are so useful, many antique tables, as well as modern reproductions, are available.


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Vases are not only for flowers. Atall enoughvaseis a statement piece all on its own in an entrance hall or against a wall in the living room. A large vase can serve as an umbrella stand, and smaller containerson a table can double as candle holders or even as a nifty receptacle for cutlery. Why not buy loose pearls and make a stunning accent piece for your home?

For most, the allure of pearls is that they are timeless and can be used sparingly to add a muted touch of glamour or applied elaborately to décor items around the home. Items embellished with pearls are both functional and durable and add a sense of the dramatic and bold to your home. One of the most appealing qualities of pearls is that they are made by Mother Nature herself. With many homeowners going green, they are not only looking for natural materials to decorate with;materials that are sustainable and come from responsibly farmed sources are at the top of everyone’s mind. The Pearl Source is a premier outlet for high-quality pearls at affordable prices,and we feel proud of our products because we know that unlike other gemstones, pearls are a renewable resource.