Top Essentials For A Luxurious Living Room


Designing the perfect luxurious living room is not that easy. There are certain requirements that should be fulfilled, such as proper traffic flow and comfort for example. On the other hand, we must not forget to incorporate style and sophistication. If you are not a professional designer, then the possibility of making mistakes is big. The following tips will help you design yours with ease!

Large rugs

Rugs are here to bring cozy look to your living room. Their function is to visually divide the space and create separate zones in the home. Therefore, an area rug with good proportions is a must for your living room. Two key factors will determine the right size:size of the room and the seating layout. Professional designers would agree that a rug should cover at least the front legs of the seating furniture, such as sofa and armchair. This is the minimum, as you can cover the whole seating area floor if you like. When seated, every person should have their feet on the rug.

Sophisticated sofa

Even an ordinary living room can be transformed into luxurious and elegant space with the help of one item-a sophisticated sofa. When choosing the right design, keep in mind that you should make a difference between casual and luxurious sofas. Versatile materials such as velvet for example, and stylish details like tufts are certainly a way to go. Chesterfield sofas are also a great pick that will help you bring a bit of drama with the attention grabbing design. A handcrafted piece made of high quality materials is a good start for creating a luxurious living room. Due to the high popularity, many homeowners would give this one a try. The fact that they are a never-fading trend tells enough.

Choosing the right living room layout is the thing that will make your sofa be the focal point. The best place for your Chesterfield sofa is the middle of the living room. Let it be the star of the show, so everyone can admire the design.

When you have your versatile sofa, it is time to add some individualism. The best way to achieve this is using throw pillows. Choose an elegant and simple design that will still leave the sofa to be the main point of visual interest.

Coffee table styling

Clutter is not a thing that will flatter a luxurious living room. A well styled coffee table that looks rather intentional will elevate the room decor. Not familiar with styling? These tips will help you do it like a pro:

  • Start with a base that will anchor the decorations, such as a stylish tray.
  • Group your objects. The “rule of three” should be your guide. It states that items look visually appealing in a group of odd numbers, rather than having them scattered around.
  • Use different heights. Add a stack of books, a high object such as a candle, and one statement object.
  • Play with textures. This is a commonly used trick that will bring visual interest. And it means that you can mix different materials and textures to get the best look.