Top European destinations for a trip with the partner


Europe is still the most popular continent in the world. Ask whoever you want and he will reply that when the travelling is in question, he has Europe on the top of the list. The perfect mixture of multi-cultural environment, rich history, delicious food, the best wines in the world, amazing landscapes and pleasant temperature is something irresistible for anyone. No matter if you are looking for a perfect place for a honeymoon, a cozy weekend, crazy summer destination or a quiet retirement on the mountain, Europe has it all.

There does not exist a single person who doesn’t want to revisit Europe. Nor there is a European citizen who believes he is not fortunate enough by having the privilege of being born on the most popular continent.

The diversity of culture makes Europe a suitable place for anyone. The mentality and the friendliness of the Europeans is what attracts the vast majority of the tourists. But when the trips are in question, especially the ones with a partner, there is a list of must-visit places on this piece of land. The ranging is done considering the opinion of both the previous visitors as well as the local people. Therefore if you are looking for an awesome destination for your next trip,check the destinations bellow.

Gdansk, Poland

Believe it or not, Poland lately becomes slowly but surely one of the most popular destinations not only in Europe but in the whole world. It seems like the Polish spirit attracts more visitors than ever before. The first reason to visit this picturesque city is that is big, however not huge, so you will enjoy the romantic walks through this amazing city holding hands with your partner.


Cordoba, Spain

More and more travelers nowadays classify Spain as one of the most romantic places they have ever visited. Well, we choose Cordoba to be the most romantic one in the country. This Spanish city makes everyone fall for it. The Moorish influence on the culture makes it even more attractive than any other spot in Spain. Best place for night walks? Forget about the long walks by the beach. Cordoba turns into the underrated and forgotten beauty. A glass of sangria or summer wine and a few tapas with your favorite person tastes better if taken in some narrow street in the Jewish quarter in Cordoba.Try it and claim the opposite later, if you can!


Colmar, France

Well, we can not miss France from the list. Even though Paris is still the most popular city, it becomes too mainstream lately. It seems like every road leads to Paris. Therefore we wanted to find somewhat quieter yet still romantic place for a trip with your loved one. The lovely French accent from the local people’s conversations on the street gives the much wanted romantic touch. The beauty of the city, the architecture as well as the weather itself will turn your stay into something unforgettable. Long conversations accompanied with the flavor of the best selection of cheeses and wines in the country will melt your heart. Now we get why every couples’ dream has always been France before any other country.