Top Eyelash Extension Treatment


Getting an eyelash extension treatment is always a good idea when you want to upgrade your look. But even with superb faux eyelashes, you can mess the end result up with bad products.

Every step is important and a nice product is crucial. You need to remove all the oils that are on the skin, to apply lashes with nice tools, to wash the extensions, and to remove them when the time comes. These are the primary eyelash extension treatments that every professional should have.

Stacy Lash offers great products that are necessary for your job. Make sure that you stock up on everything in advance so you always have all the tools and products at hand.

All products are of great quality and used by professionals in everyday work. Stacy Lash also has nice prices so you get superb products at a reasonable cost.

  • Eyelash extension primer

Stacy Lash primer helps to prepare the lashes for the procedure. To apply the extensions, natural lashes should be oil-free, make-up free, dirt and dust free. The primer creates a bond between natural and faux lashes so they last longer and look better. It comes in a convenient 40ml bottle. The bottle size prevents the primer from evaporation, expiration, and damaging factors like direct light or unsuitable storing temperature.

  • Foaming lash shampoo

Stacy Lash shampoo gently removes eye make-up when you have extensions. It is oil-free, which makes it the best option for faux eyelashes. So make sure you use such shampoo at home or at your salon. It doesn’t burn your eyes and doesn’t include parabens, sulfates, etc. It is vegan and cruelty-free as well.

  • Gel remover

Stacy Lash gel remover does everything when it comes to removing the lashes. The formula dissolves the lash adhesive within a minute, which makes the removal process faster, easier, and healthier. The gel formula makes it easier to apply since nothing gets into the eye and everything stays in one place for as long as needed. It is also a nice sea-blue color, which adds a cute touch to your everyday routine.