Top Home Automation Projects


Life at home should not be cumbersome and frustrating but rather easy and non-stressful. Avoiding a nerve racking home experience can best be achieved by simple automate your home projects that anyone could implement. DC linear actuators are a great invention that simplifies home automation designs offering both functionality and style to your home.
Most living rooms are faced with the problems of overcrowded devices and gadgets that are not frequently used. The Blu-ray players, the TV, the stereo receiver are just but a few. To get that ultimate out of sight out of mind feel while still making them easily accessible can easily be done by use of a hidden drawer containing all these devices. Automating the entertainment system is simple but very satisfactory and can be done by only one DC linear actuator and some drawer track hardware.


Automating cabinets and drawers are yet another simple project because for starters; these already have hinges and tracks on them. The only remaining bit is to make some customized adjustments to place the DC actuators behind, above or underneath the drawer so that it can push the object. You may visualize the actuator in operation before mounting so as to see what will the end product will be. Additionally, you can add a modern touch by incorporating a touch sensor to the drawer.
One ingenious way of using DC actuators is to make 3D wall art that moves and changes shape and size depending on the time or activity being done. This is an effective and effortless way of breathing life into your walls.
A space saving work desk is a necessity for anyone especially for those home working moms or even a home office. The desk entails a hidden 2-story shelf on the backside of the table surface. This can be automated with a linear actuator revealing the shelves when needed. This incredible engineering takes full advantage of the house space creating a nice and clean workspace devoid of many interruptions.