Top Ideas for a Gaming Room Decor


Gaming is a multibillion-dollar industry. Every day, millions, possibly billions, play games of some kind. The more serious gamer requires state of the art technology to bring their favorite games to life. To this, increasingly requires space, preferably a whole room rather than a corner of it.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at ideas for gaming room décor and equipment.

Room Size

If you’re working in a small room, you will probably have your equipment tightly packed. Larger spaces you can spread out and invest in better gaming technology such as flight pedals and car driving setups.

Whatever the space of your room, ideally, you’ll want an area where you can just chill and take a break. This can be a sofa or bean bags, but some time to clear your head is important. When taking a break, consider playing crossword clue solver type games to keep your mind sharp, and to have a breather from the lights and graphics of your top games.

If you get stuck when playing your crossword games, consider using a crossword dictionary or something similar to move things along a keep things fluid.

Also, not all gaming friends are online. You may have people round for a gaming session, and it is good if they have somewhere to sit.

Gaming Rig

Good gaming rigs tend to feature high-end components such as GPUs, processors, RAM, cooling systems, headsets, and monitors. You also need a good sound system. Gaming is an audio experience as well as a visual one. As such, the roar of a throttle or the sound of an explosion has to feel authentic. This is accomplished through a good, preferably surround sound system.

If you’re working to a budget for a gaming room, your rig will take a considerable proportion of it.

Your Chair

Your going to be spending a lot of time in your chair so it is a good idea to invest in a dedicated gaming chair. This will give you great lumbar support which is what you’re going to need as gaming sessions can last hours.

For an added bonus, get one with a footrest. Watching Netflix is wonderful when you’re kicking back, and your legs are nicely supported.


Colors should accentuate the natural light. You want to position your rig where there is no glare without compromising your eyesight. So, position the monitor adjacent to a window. This avoids shadows and glare.

Given the amount of color that comes off the monitors, neutral colors are the way forward. Light and bright colors for darker rooms will brighten things up, while darker colors for rooms that can handle it can work too.

If you want it more like a ‘gaming den’ rather than a room, think darker colors.

Fittings and Fixtures

For your gaming room, you want fixtures and fittings that fit with the rest of the room and allow you good storage space for your spare components and equipment. Consider drawers that fit under your desk for quick access, freestanding shelves, and if you have space, footrests can have good storage built in too.

With a good gaming room setup, you’ll have a better gaming experience.