Top ideas to put a twist on your living room décor


One of the most well-used and well-loved spaces in any home is surely the living room. With its space and comfortable seating, it provides the perfect place for the whole family to hang out. Even better, it is usually where you will find the TV! For these reasons and the way that it brings the whole family together, the living room is a really key part of any home.

However, all this use can make it look a little tired and in need of some attention. If you feel that your living room is in need of an update, then you are not alone. Very often, this is one of the main rooms that we all love to redesign and redecorate. When done right, it can really inject a new lease of life into any property.


Try to put your own twist on any new décor

If you are thinking of changing up your living room décor, then it is a great chance to put your own spin on the new look. This will not only help you to get a unique feel but will also enable you to make the new room full of your family’s personality. What are the best ways to go about this?

  • Wooden window shutters wood shutters for your living room windows are a great twist to put on the décor you have in there. From hardwood plantation shutters to more standard fixed wooden shutters, there are many styles and designs to choose from now. The great thing is that they will all give a bespoke look to the room and an interesting focal point. They are also very practical as it is much easier to control the light and temperature in the room with wooden shutters.
  • Large pieces of artwork another great way to put a funky twist on your living room décor is with large-scale artwork. This can be from any painter you like and in any style that fits in with your overall vision. From modern minimalist pieces to classic landscapes, pick ones that have real merit and an interesting look. They will not only give you something to look at in those quieter moments relaxing on the sofa, but will also enthrall guests.
  • Create a feature wall one of the best ways to switch up any living room décor is with a feature wall. The only limit to what can be done here lies in your own imagination, so get as creative as you like. From luxurious wallpaper to bold paint colors, choose a finish for one wall that both complements and stands out when compared to the other three walls.
  • Hand-paint a lampshade lighting is key to getting the right feel in any living room space, but this can often be about the lampshades you use. Key to putting a really unique twist on your living room décor is making it personal to you and customized. Hand-painting the lampshades you use in different colors or patterns is the ideal way to do this and will look amazing when done.
  • Create a memo board to get a real up-to-date twist on the look in your lounge, it is sometimes worth thinking outside the box. Creating a modern-looking memo board is the ideal illustration of this in action. You can make your own by simply arranging self-adhesive colored tiles in a pattern on the living room wall. When secured in place, they will then be able to have key notes attached to them and give a visually impressive centerpiece to the space.

Throw down a rug for an instant makeover

One great and simple way to put a new spin on your living room décor is to use a rug. Even if you already do, buying a new one that is bigger or in a different pattern will make a huge difference. Rugs are great for adding texture to the room and also introducing contrasting colors or shapes. Even better, they give you somewhere cozy to lie on when the sofa is full!

Get a new twist on your living room design

If you are looking for some cool new ideas to revamp your living room, then the above should help. All are simple and effective ways to transform how your living space looks and feels. As the most important room in the house, it is essential to get this right. Doing so will give you all a living room to enjoy for the future, until it needs redecorating again!