The Top Nail Trends for Winter 2016/17


Nails, like makeup and hair, offer an easy way to change your look. It takes a matter of minutes to paint your nails, but has a big effect on your style, making it an incredibly easy way to either add excitement, or tone down any outfit to suit your mood and the occasion. Winter brings cold, dark days, but also festive sparkle. It’s the season with so much to give, so while it can be tempting to stick to your old favorites, it’s also great to try something new. These nail designs and ideas will help to keep you on trend throughout winter 2016/17.


Metallic seems to come back into style all the time. It’s been huge on the runways this season, and not just on nails; metallic has been appearing on everything. Shoes, bags, coats and even set designs have been made from bold metallic colors, and it’s easy to see why. Metallic colors like gold and silver draw the eye easily, but also work well with most other colors. Silver nails add sparkle and shine, while staying cool and sophisticated.


Gothic looks are really on trend right now, especially when it comes to nails and lips. Black, dark red, or even dark purple are a great compliment to any winter outfit. Just add a hint of the dark gothic look to add drama to your style.


From crystals to rhinestones and even pearls, nail embellishment is becoming more popular with every passing season. Much easier to achieve than in previous years, you can choose either a few small stones, or full nail designs. Crystals and stones are an exceptionally effective way to add a touch of luxury to your nails.


Colors, cartoons, drawings and patterns were all very big in the 90’s, and seem to be making a bit of a return to fashion. Have some fun, match your nail designs to your outfits, or just go totally crazy. With so much to choose from, you will never be bored.


Many designers have been using stripes when it comes to nails. From horizontal stripes, just along the top half of the nail, to a single, dramatic stripe down the very center, stripes don’t need to be boring and uniform. There is a lot you can do with the best nail polish.


As well as a stripe, there is the option to have a different color tip. Be bold and clash your colors, or go for a subtler ombre look.

3D Designs

While they might not be exactly practical for everyday life, the catwalks have seen a big growth in 3D nail designs. Feathers, fur, large logos and toys have all been added to models nails. Funky, certainly, but perhaps some of the larger designs are best left on the catwalk.


As well as colors and designs, the shape and length of nails changes from season to season. This year, short and simple is definitely in, with many designers proving that you don’t need to have long nails to make the most of them. Shorter nails are neat, practical, often healthier, and can still look fantastic and feminine. Oval and squared oval have been the two nail shapes of choice for the last few seasons, and this looks set to continue.

Of course, the old favorites are still great. If you have a ‘go to’ color that makes you feel amazing, use it. Red for example, might make you feel sexier or more in control, while bright, bold colors might make you happier, and remind you of summer, cheering you up on a dull, miserable day. The best thing about nails, is there are no rules. Have fun with them, change them, and find the best nail polish and style for you.