Top Picks of Apps and Tools for Time Management 


Time is something we can’t buy. Once it’s gone it’s gone. While we’re all given the same number of hours each day, there is no doubt that we all spend it differently. 

Some of us are determined to get the most out of each day and optimize our productivity, but others who are perfectly happy to take it easy.

Regardless of which category of people you belong to, time management is of the essence. For the very productive, apps and tools can help you increase your time management skills. For the more relaxed, trying to get more out of your day will be much easier with the right tools and apps.

In this digital age when we literally have everything at our fingertips, the problem isn’t finding something helpful, it’s sorting through the ones that aren’t. Luckily for you, we have already compiled useful apps and tools to help with time management.

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Top Apps and Tools for Managing Time

  1. Google Calendar

The first digital planner app we have is Google Calendar. You can’t go wrong with Google, they are a tech giant and it’s no surprise that their organization app is amazing.

It’s available for both iOS and Android devices, so it’s easily accessible to all. In fact, many devices come with the Google Calendar app already installed. You can set reminders within the homepage scheduler so you never forget a prior engagement.

You can also get a picture of what your week, month, or year looks like. Just simply toggle between the formats.

  1. Any.Do

We love Any.Do because it is more than just a weekly planner. The app is a calendar that also allows you to input a to-do list so you never forget important tasks.

Just like with Google Calendar, you can switch between daily or monthly views. The app is also available on both major operating platforms, iOS and Android, and it’s also compatible with other calendar apps such as our top pick.

  1. Rescue Time

Literally, rescue your time with Rescue Time. What do we mean by that? This handy tool has the unique function of showing you what is “stealing your time”, meaning what you’re wasting your time on.

Once you have this information, planning your days more efficiently will be that much easier. Rescue Time is also a great corporate app as it allows you to connect with team members.

  1. Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is an app that helps promote productivity. It’s not just a scheduling app, it’s a motivation boost. They focus the design on the Pomodoro Technique, which is the idea that you work hard for a certain amount of time and take a break for a set period. 

It is this idea that suggests humans are more productive when working on tasks in intervals. The app is also available on both iOS and Android as well as your desktop computer. 

  1. Trello 

Trello is an excellent team management app. Making the most of your time isn’t just scheduling yourself, but your team as well. The way it’s designed, Trello gives you a very clear view of the tasks that are assigned, need to be done and are completed.

You can designate each category yourself and simply move the task cards to the correct section.


Time management is easier than you think with the correct apps. No more excuses! Let’s make the most out of our days.