Top Reasons to Buy Wooden Watches


Advanced digital gadgets and accessories have very quickly replaced the traditional elegance of classic wooden watches. Whether it is a running watch or a wrist chronometer, no current-era watches can eat the wooden watches in terms of style and elegance. Where on one hand, all the latest watches seem to lose quality and start to look all alike, wooden watches maintain their luster for ages before showing any damage signs.  After reading the following top reasons to buy a wood watch, you will be able to safely conclude that there is no rival to the archetypal wooden watches.

  • Set up a unique style statement

Wooden watches have unquestionably made a prominent mark is fashion statements. These watches are actually your own, individual style statement as nobody, not even the manufacturer can replicate one design of a wooden watch. It is because of the reason that nature exhibits tremendous artistic variety and not even the wood from the same tree can be stained to create an exact duplicate of another.

  • Wooden watches are uncommon

Unlike the expensive and branded watches which can easily be replicated by every neighborhood manufacturer, wooden watches are unique in their design and finish. Not only do you see little to no people wearing a wooden watch, but also people get amazed if they see someone wearing one. If you want to stand out from the crowd, wooden watches are your go-to accessory.

  • Environmental friendly accessory

Unlike metal watches, wood is a renewable resource and it can be re-grown once it is used to make wooden watches. The recent intensive cultivation of forests is not letting wood and wooden watches run out of the market any time soon.

  • Symbolizes traditional fashion

Wooden watches symbolize more than just fashion. They represent tradition. You have no idea what kind of rich human history is hidden in the wavy brown hues of a simplistic wooden each strap.

  • You can recycle them

Wooden watches are recyclable and in this way, they play a role in environmental conservation. The discarded wooden watches can be used to make more wooden watches.

  • No more toxic chemicals

The chemicals used in the finishing of leather straps may be harmful to humans but there is no such case with wooden watches.

  • Suitable for people with metal-allergies

Wooden watches are hypoallergenic and do not cause any skin allergies in the owner as compared to nickel and other metallic watches.

  • Long-lived watches

Wood is a long-lasting natural material. It is impervious in nature and it can last for ages if maintained properly. Wooden watches will not break off quickly as compare to usual watches because of their durability.

  • Make best gifts

By being a fashion statement as well as an embodiment of tradition, wooden watches can make the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. It is simply one of the most unexpected presents.

  • Scented wooden watches are a bonus

Some wooden watches use scented straps which have specific fruity smells or sandalwood fragrance in them. These scented wooden watches are just the right kind of sophistication you need in your personality.