Top Reasons Why the U.K. is the Perfect study abroad destination


Whether you’re wondering to explore the fast-paced lifestyle of beautiful London, the laid-Back culture of Glasgow, the United Kingdom has always been a place to fall in love with Studies. It is famous among tourists as well students, who come here to explore the great attractions. 

It’s the most incredible destination which is known for its vibrant arts and entertainment centre. The U.K. has a long, storied tradition of providing excellent higher education to students. Most of the students travel to the U.K. to learn about British culture and improve their English language and professional skills.

There are excellent student cities that aim in providing a better student environment, including Coventry, Birmingham, Cardiff, etc. Students plan their journey for studying different exclusive courses in media, health, marketing, science, commerce, agriculture, etc. Apart from Education, the United Kingdom is also famous for providing top-notch services for Student accommodation.

No wonder students worldwide choose the U.K. as their ideal destination to fulfil academic goals. The U.K. for studies is perfect that gives wings to your dream. If you have considered the U.K. for completing your further Education or you’re still on the fence, the following are the 7 best reasons why you must read to study in the U.K.! 

Home to World’s Best Universities

Completing the degree from the U.K. means studying at the world’s top-ranked university. According to U.S. News, Universities including the University of Oxford, Cardiff University, University of Leeds, University of Exeter, University of Sussex, etc., are top-ranked universities. Their job placement percentage is also high, and students have received a plethora of job opportunities from them. 

Many students who graduated from these universities are working in top companies of the world, including Google, Amazon, Bloomberg, Etc. Students are getting a good amount of salary and gaining experience in their field.

Internationally Recognized Degrees

British Universities of the United Kingdom is known for their academic excellence and the quality of education across the world. Every year, British universities ranked on top based on factors including the average income of graduates, international friendliness, student focus, etc.

The degree from the prestigious Universities of the U.K. will be in high regard by employers worldwide. You will be known as a talented Alumni, as a graduate from the U.K.  Stephen Hawking was an Alumni from the University of Oxford, Hilary Ben from the University of Sussex, B.R. Ambedkar was an Alumni from the London school of economics, and more personalities have studied from these Universities.

An Affordable Study Destination

The U.K. is an ideal destination for students providing affordable excellent courses. It is affordable than other abroad destinations when it comes to paying tuition fees. You can find a lot of Universities according to your preference that suits your pocket requirements. Getting a degree from the U.K. is the biggest achievement of the world.

Universities, including Westminster University, Cardiff University, Sheffield Hallam University, Birmingham University, etc., never ask for registration fees. You can easily apply to these Universities and get an offer letter according to their eligibility.

Safe Student Accommodation Services

Apart from Education, you receive safe and secured student accommodation services. The beautiful cities of the U.K. aim in providing an unforgettable experience of student life to international students.

Student Halls in London, Private Student Housing in Birmingham, and many other major cities of the UK deliver valuable student services. You can easily find convenient and affordable student accommodation properties near top-ranked universities.

Free Healthcare to Keep You Healthy

The National Health Service aims in providing extreme healthcare facilities to the students. If you’re studying in the U.K. for more than 6 months, you can get access to healthcare services free of charge. Irrespective of how expensive the medicine is, the amount of the medicine is fixed for international students. 

It gives an advantage to international students who may be worrying about funding for their future health and medicine. You won’t have to worry about anything when you’re in the U.K. studying and fulfilling your academic goals. 

Work Opportunities While You Study

Students can receive a plethora of learning opportunities to make their life wondrous. They can find several cultural attractions to explore and discover people’s lives in the United Kingdom. 

The student visa permits you to work for 20 hours per week as a part-time job. It means you’ll be able to earn some money and cover your living expenses. The U.K. has guaranteed minimum wages to international students. There won’t be any hassle in finding part-time jobs or full-time job opportunities. You can earn a minimum of £118.00 each week. 

Media students and Journalists can find a number of internships, part-time jobs, freelancing opportunities for famous companies based in the U.K. 

An excellent student life to live!

Historical monuments, world heritage sites, top-dining restaurants, shopping centres, complex malls, etc., are enough to make a student’s life exciting and adventurous. There are several exclusive student cities including London, Cardiff, Birmingham, etc, that focus on providing great opportunities to students. 

Every year, these famous Student cities host social gatherings, events, parties and concerts for students. It’s a good plan to enjoy your favourite city with such gatherings with your connections. 

Highest Student Satisfaction Rating

The U.K. boasts the highest student satisfaction rates among other abroad destinations. After considering the famous student cities and locations of the U.K., there is an impressive number of ratings for student satisfaction.

The Majority  of the students are happy and satisfied with the unique and various locations, Colleges, Universities and programs they are providing; you can experience an entirely new world with a lot of adventures with your friends. So what are you waiting for?

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