Top Signs of Top Moving Services


Do you want to move out of your current home? If yes, you have a list of many moving services which can handle your relocation.

The availability of options to choose from only makes the selection process harder. How will you know that you’re selecting the best company?


When hiring a local moving company like Matco movers, ensure it offers important qualities as shown below.

  • Well-Trained and Experienced Sales Reps

The entire moving experience starts with the expertise and knowledge of these sales reps. For instance, the reps will be friendly and interested in knowing what your needs are. It allows them to plan and arrange for a smooth move.

The sales rep will also share the company policies with you. Since they’ll be the first team you come across, they’ll answer all your questions. Some will work with you during and after relocation.

  • References upon Request

Before engaging any moving company, dig deep into their past. One way to do this is by reading the online reviews on their website and blog posts.

But that’s not enough. Ask the company to share customer references for the past year. A great company that doesn’t have anything to hide will be willing to share these details upon request. If they don’t, that should be a red flag.

  • Accurate and Thoughtful Quotes

Moving can be expensive especially if you’ve lots of items to move. So, the last thing you want is additional fees or not getting value for your payments.

Alleviate this problem by engaging a company that’s serious about getting an accurate quote. The moving company should send their representative to make an inventory list to make a precise quotation.

Their representative should give a comprehensive explanation of all fees, charges, insurances, and exclusions relating to the distance of your move.

  • Clean, Punctual, and Courteous Workers

The moving company will need to send their employees to pack, load and offload your items. These employees should arrive at your premises on time and work throughout when they’re in your house. If they’ve to stop, that’ll be for short breaks only when necessary.

The team should be professional, courteous and neatly dressed. If possible, the moving company should give them branded clothes for ease of identification. The workers should handle your property with the utmost care.

The company should always send enough workers to get the task done within the set timelines. If anything makes you uncomfortable, stop the workers and engage your sales representative. It helps prevent further damages on your property.

  • Customer Follow-Up

Respectable movers will always call some few days after you move. They’ll inquire whether there were damages or not.

If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to share. The company will work on resolving these concerns. In case of damages, the firm will guide you through the process of making a complaint.

At times, if the services were satisfactory, the company may ask you to provide references.

Choosing the right moving services will take time. But it’s the only way to get a stress-free move. Don’t rest until you get yourself the best moving company in the market.