Top spots for a photo in Toronto



Capital of the Canadian province of Ontario, Toronto has a stylish charm that makes it a unique vacation experience. The central downtown area is full of modern skyscrapers and elegant buildings, all dwarfed in comparison to the impressive CN Tower that dominates the skyline. Around the city there are plenty of green spaces to visit, like the Queens Park and a fun, family-friendly zoo.

Toronto is special because of its variation and dynamics. If you like parties and want to get out and experience the nightlife, Toronto has a vibrant art scene. If you’re traveling as a family and want to find activities for younger children as well as adults, there are plenty of options in Toronto. If you’re planning a special event such as a wedding or anniversary vacation, Toronto has all the charm and character you need. Here are a few of the top sites of the city you’ll want to include in any trip to Toronto, and ones that make for excellent and iconic photo locations.  

CN Tower

Toronto’s most recognizable landmark, the CN Tower stands at 553 meters. While it’s impossible to miss this enormous edifice when traveling to the city, it’s worth taking some time to see the tower from different angles, especially during a photo shoot in Toronto. Take a boat cruise out onto Lake Ontario for a panoramic view of the city skyline and tower. You can also ride up to the observation deck at 447 meters for the stunning view of Toronto spread out below. If you’re feeling brave, venture out on to the Glass Floor, which is exactly what the name suggests: an area of floor covered by glass so you can experience the dizzying view of looking directly down at the city streets.

St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Hall was constructed in 1850 and has since acted as a public meeting hall and event venue. Today it hosts a market with various fruits, vegetables, handmade crafts, and other goods. It’s an iconic place to visit in Toronto, one that really captures the special charm of the city. The hall has also been used for certain movies and films and is a great place to include in a photo shoot of the city. Make sure to get a shot of the iconic gas-lit chandelier that lights the main hall of the building. For such a occasion you can use service as Localgrapher that connects travellers with professional photographers.

City Hall

The two iconic arching towers of City Hall make it a popular tourist attraction in the city, and an excellent spot to shoot some photos. Outside of City Hall is the impressive bronze sculpture, “The Archer,” by Henry Moore, which is another beautiful landmark of the city. Whether you want a special family photo or maybe the perfect setting for a picture of your proposal, the elegance and style of City Hall and Nathan Philips Square are sure to fit the occasion.

Each moment you spend in Toronto has the potential to be a memory that lasts forever. It can help to have a professional photographer in Toronto at your side so you come away from your trip with stunning images that not only capture the scenery, but also the singular atmosphere that distinguishes Toronto from other travel locations. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for a vacation experience that will last a lifetime.