Top tips when buying your teenager their first phone


Our world is becoming increasingly digitally connected. With so many adults glued to their devices and smart home technology, it is no wonder that younger and younger children are anxious to get on devices too. 

When your child gets their first phone is a choice for you as the parent. Many parents wait until their children reach their teens. If you’re about to buy your teen their first phone, here are our top tips. 

Monitor their activity

With new apps now available, you can monitor and control your teenagers phone activity. You can set timers to ensure they don’t spend too long staring at a screen, lock their phone when you decide, and more. 

You can also control what they look at while on their phone. Ensuring you are keeping them safe while their using their device. 

Get the right phone

There are more smartphones on the market than ever before. They all do pretty much the same thing and have similar specifications. Yet the right phone will ensure your teenager is subscribed to the correct social tribe. 

Perhaps your teen wants to pledge their allegiance to the iPhone or maybe they’re an Android fan. Whichever it is, make sure you get the right one for them. 

Make sure it’s covered

Regardless of which phone you choose for your teenager, you will want to make sure it’s covered properly in case of theft or accident. Get the right Android or iPhone insurance that provides comprehensive cover

Replacing a device out of pocket can be alarmingly expensive. Plus, getting insurance is a good life lesson for your teenager, something they can carry into adult life. 

Set up a decent contract

Depending on how much data usage your teenager needs, contracts can get costly. Shop around for the best deals that match what you can afford and what your teenager actually needs. 

It can be tempting to get huge data bundles, but does your teen really need to spend that much time online?

Protect the hardware

Teenagers can be clumsy at the best of times and smartphones can be expensive. Avoid shelling out to fix scratches, cracks and shatters by protecting the phone itself. 

Ensure your teenager has the appropriate accessories such as a case and screen guard to keep the phone safe. There are countless accessories out there, so they won’t have to compromise their blossoming identities.