Top Tricks for Basement Remodeling


It is beautiful autumn outside it means that it is just the right time to start thinking about the renovation of your home in spring in order to be ready with all the ideas and materials by spring.

Some people today feel the lack of space in their houses and it brings them to the idea that they have some unused space downstairs – basement! When this ideas come to the mind they begin thinking about the possibilities how to use it but often forget about some important things. Guy Solomon is a professional basement contractor being in business for many years and he will uncover some of the fundamentals of basement remodeling to make your future room fell cozy and comfortable no matter what functionality you will choose for it.

In the matter of fact, professionals can do any project possible and there is no matter if you are looking to do a basic budget renovation, or a large project anyway you are transforming your old unfinished basement into some inviting space. Any project includes undoubtedly finishing works but after the basic work is done you should think about the space’s decoration with unique colors and other cool ways to make your new basement space look and feel like the rest of your home.

Play with Colors

Designers say that colors play is the basic thing to think about any room’s renovation. It means that the colors that you choose to color your walls, ceiling and trim with will make a great difference in the feel and definitely look of your new basement space. One of old-fashioned and still creative ways to make the new space feel comfortable and visually appealing is to paint the walls and ceiling with the same color, which will create a result of an enveloping feel.

Now let’s get closer to the ides. If you want to create a home theater in the basement space, think about painting the ceiling and walls with black, because it can create a stunning visual effect of some kind of expanding the space and so making it look like the room has no ceiling at all when the people (like friends and family) are watching movies together. On the other hand, if you need to create some sense of height, it is on the contrary best to use light colors for both the ceilings and floors. If talking about the trim – use the same as it is in the whole house to match the new room to the interior of the whole building.

More Ideas to Consider

According to Guy Solomon reviews you can get great benefits if your basement space is round shaped. It is a perfect space shape for crazy ideas! Round space is undoubtedly great for a home theater but a home bar or common kitchen can become perfect additions to the house. The main idea here is to be smart with the decor and design of the furniture. According to the experts experience a beautifully-integrated fireplace can become a perfect addition to such space.