How to Transform Your Home from Boring to Breathtaking with a Simple Splash of Colour


For most homeowners, colour is an important consideration when decorating and designing. It is the palette that we use to define our houses. It is the creative contrast to the practical and logical aspects of a property. Without it, life would be rather boring, so don’t forget to think about colour when you are revamping an interior space.

There are lots of different ways to incorporate bold colour into your home. You can use bright paints on walls and doors. You could go for a more subtle effect and just add a splash of colour, in the form of scatter cushions, an accent wall, or stylish area rugs. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you inject plenty of personality and charm.

Keep reading for some great ways to incorporate colour into your home and turn an uninspiring space into a beautiful one.


Revive Old Furniture

One of the most effective ways to liven up a tired room is with brand new coverings for any old or worn furnishings. This is an easy thing to do because you can source high quality fabrics from all good upholstery suppliers. Once you have some gorgeous material, all you need is rivets or nails and a steady hand. You’ll have furniture that looks like new in no time.


Paint the Front Door

Or, you could make a big statement by painting your front door in a bold and bright tone. There are so many choices to pick from; pillar box red, shamrock green, or even neon yellow. A bright, cheery door is a great way to welcome guests with a smile. And it’ll help your property stand out from the rest on the street, which is a good way to appeal to potential buyers.


Opt for Coloured Appliances

You might not know this, but fridges, cookers, and washing machines don’t have to be white. They can be bought in a whole range of different colours; we just tend not to look beyond what is traditional. Yet, Europeans have been fans of this trend for years. They are unafraid to cook in bright red ovens and keep their food in blue fridges. Once again, it is an easy way to add cheer and energy to a home.


Hang Art on the Walls

Bare walls can look awfully uninspiring, so give them something to shout about with colourful prints, photographs, and posters. Nothing says ‘you’ better than the pictures that you choose to showcase in your home. Hanging artwork gives you an opportunity to inject a little bit of you into the property, while also adding plenty of colour and style. For those who can’t stand to be too neat about things, there is always the option to display in a quirky, asymmetrical fashion.   


Turn to Colourful Flowers

If you are really fond of bright splashes of colour, don’t forget to place carefully arranged bunches of flowers around the room. They don’t even have to be real if you don’t want the hassle of feeding them, but do try to change them once per season. You don’t want to be left with the same plastic flower arrangements, year on year. Pick colours that match the ones on your walls and floor, so that the two seamlessly blend together.   


Why Rejuvenating Tired Furniture is the Key to Great Design

It is a common mistake to assume that redecorating or renovating has to involve starting from scratch. Most homes are filled with useful items that can be repurposed and made to look brand new again. Furniture is a good example of this, because it only takes a little replacement fabric for an old armchair, sofa, or dining room chair to look fantastic again. So, think twice before you toss out those once loved items.