Travel The World With A Career As A Personal Assistant


Travelling the world allows us to experience different cultures, visit places we have never seen before and venture out of our comfort zone. As someone with experience as a personal assistant you might realise that now is the time for you to make a change. Instead of staying in one place it is time to explore a role as a travelling personal assistant.

Attic Recruitment are dedicated to finding the perfect candidate for all of their executive personal assistant roles. Here is why a role as a travelling personal assistant might just be the next career move for you:

They Offer An Attractive Salary

Dependent on the client and the industry, being available to travel at any point to a range of different locations means that there is usually an attractive salary to go with it. This is because the job can be demanding, just as all personal assistant roles can be.

This will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the places you visit and get the most of your experience when you are there.

Explore The World

This might just be the biggest reason that many choose to opt for a role as a travelling assistant. Even though you have worked on building your career for many years as a personal assistant, finding a position that allows you to travel to many locations can have a great impact.

From city breaks to country escapes, you will be able to visit countries you may never have been to before. This will allow you to emerge yourself in a culture that is new to you. From visiting heritage sites to tasting some of the local cuisine, this can be a once in a lifetime experience leaving you with some fantastic memories.

Everyday Is Different

Travelling the world will not only allow you to visit a range of different countries, continents and cities, it will also allow you to have a different working day every single day. Instead of a 9-5 office workplace, you will find that you can be working on new and exciting projects all the time.

This can make the role something to remember as it stands out amongst the previous personal assistant roles you may have experienced. However, if you have years of experience and feel that you need to make a change, this can be the kind of career move that you certainly won’t regret.

Meet New People

Along with new locations, new experiences and amazing projects to work on, you will be able to meet new people for all across the world. This can allow you to grow your network across the world, engage with people from all different backgrounds and industries, and even make some friends along the way.

Learn A New Language

If you have the opportunity to work with people from different countries then you may also have the chance to learn a new language and increase your skill set. This can be a valuable skill to have when working with people of all works of life. It can also make your job a little easier as well.

If you are an experienced, confident, hardworking personal assistant looking for a new challenge then you should consider a role as a travelling personal assistant.