Traveling With Your Vape Gear


If you like vaping and you are planning to travel somewhere then you must know that there are some rules for vaping which vary from country to country or state to state. Unlike cigarettes, use of e-cigarettes is not that easy during traveling. So it is better to get to some knowledge regarding vaping rules before traveling.

There are some counties where vaping is banned. If you are travelling inside USA then we would suggest you to go through Wikipedia’s List of Smoking Bans in the United States.

This article will tell you all the necessary rules and regulation which need to be followed during traveling and safety precautions to make you travel safe, convenient and of course vaping friendly.

  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Rules
  • Carry the Batteries Unchecked

Keep all the batteries for your vaping devices unchecked. You can keep the batteries in a separate battery case but do not load or check in the batteries into vape devices. All the devices must be kept personally during the flight in a hand carry bag.

  • No Vaping on Flight

Being a vaping lover you may feel an urge or craving to vape but use of any kind of vaping devices is prohibited during air travel. Even though we think that vaping is different from smoking but it is important adhere the rules during travelling. Other people may find it uncomfortable so we should respect all others around us.

  • Take apart all Vaping Equipment

As you have to keep all vaping devices on your person but one more thing you need to know is to disassemble you vaping devices. If your device has an external battery then make sure to remove it and if it has an internal battery then make sure to remove the liquid tank.

  • E-liquid Quantity

If you are carrying vaping liquid or E Juice then it must be kept in separate bottle and the limit is 3.4 ounces so 30ml bottles are good for that. All the bottles of liquid must be kept in one quart size bag as only one quart size bag is allowed per passenger. The bag should be clear/visible i.e. a clear plastic bag for the convenience of security check and inspection.

  • Safety Precautions

Earlier to start traveling, take some time to pack your vaping gear properly as per rules and enlist all your vaping devices along with their components you want to carry like batteries, liquid bottles etc. So don’t wait till 11th hour for packing your vape.

  • Make sure your vape gear is kept properly and safely to avoid any damage.
  • It would be better if you make a vape list and label your vape gear according to your ease so that you could enjoy your vaping anywhere without any disrupt or hindrance.
  • Do not pack your vaping gear with your clothes. Leakage and breakage chances are always there so don’t take a risk and keep the vaping gear in a separate hand carry bag.
  • Clean your vaping gear properly and make it gunk free to avoid any fault and making it safe for use.
  • Do not full your vaping liquid tanks as usually the liquid expands due to air pressure during takeoff and due to change in weather conditions.
  • Drain all liquid from vaping device tank to avoid leakage.
  • Do no charge your device on board.

When it comes to safety you should focus on your means of transportation and follow the rules accordingly.


For many vaping lovers use of e-cigarettes is a part of their routine and they crave for it as an alternative of cigarettes. So it is important to stay updated regarding vaping rules and regulation for traveling. Vaping devices are expensive then cigarettes and especially if you are using a high quality vaping gear then obviously you would never want it to get damage, lost or confiscated during traveling. It is suggested before starting your travel do some research regarding all the important things related to rules, regulation and safety so that you could enjoy your vaping with a safe and happy travel.