Travelling First Time to Dubai! Things you must aware before travelling Dubai


Everyone’s dream is to travel their favorite destination once in life. Not sure about others but mine is to visit Dubai once. Dubai has considered the seventh most visited country in the world and also known for its tough Islamic rules. There are some crucial things about Dubai that one must aware before travelling Dubai. Here we tried to figure out the most important facts to be aware before landing for Dubai.


Hot Temperature throughout the Year

Usually there are four seasons but in Dubai temperature remains same whole year. It is really challenging to survive for a new person in Dubai’s climate. There is less rain and climate become hot to hotter. In winters temperature the average temperature is 75 degrees and in summers it is above 100 degrees. Most noticeable thing before travelling Dubai is its climate.

UAE is known for its world class taste

Dubai is famous for its luxury hotels and restaurants all over the world. There is a plenty of all kinds of food and Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina is popular for its dinner. It is incredibly awesome to take meal in the wonderful environment of cruise. Just dress up well and go to attractive venues to enjoy the variety of food and drinks.

Different environment during Ramadan

If you want to go Dubai during Ramadan then you must think before going as many restaurants and hotels closed. There is a calm atmosphere during this month all the tourist attractions are less crowded. This may be a plus point for those who like calm atmosphere but you have to dress up more conservatively. If you are a Muslim and want to celebrate your Eid al-Fitr there then you must book your hotels earlier as the rates rises suddenly.

Conservative Arabian Country

Before flying to Dubai you must be aware of the rules and regulations of Dubai as it is famous for its conservative nature. You have to dress up very sensibly and the show off of skin is not allowed in Dubai. One more thing you can’t even walk with your partner to hold their hand and if you do so you can be imprisoned. Kissing publicly is also a punishable offence in Dubai. Think hundred times about these things before planning a trip to Dubai.

Your Trip is not complete without desert safari

Desert Safari the most visited tourist attraction in Dubai and if you don’t visit there then your trip is worthless. You can enjoy camel-riding, sunset photography and amazing dinner in desert camps. Sand dune bashing is the magical experience but you should avoid it if you are pregnant, infant or faint-hearted. It is really superb to enjoy the lip smacking food in deserts and especially in the night. One more thing during night the deserts become colder so you must carry a shawl or sweater.

Friday and Saturday are weekends in Dubai

Before going to Dubai you must know that Sunday is a working day and Saturday and Friday are the weekends in Dubai. You should plan your visit to malls and other places according it. Moreover Dubai opens up late nights before weekends.

Considered one of the safest country

If you are more concerned about your safety then Dubai is the most secure place for travelling. In Abu Dhabi the crime percentage is zero and has determined the 25th best city in the world. There are very strict rules and laws for everyone but one should be careful about their safety as anything can happen anywhere.

Different laws for women

As we all know that UAE is a Muslim country and rules are slightly strict in terms of women. You must make sure before visited Dubai that even you are very open minded but you have to live in limits there. You have to wear covered clothes and when visit mosques then also cover your head. Although you can wear western clothes but in limits.

Land of adventures

Dubai is the hub of ultimate adventures. You can enjoy amazing adventure like shark cage diving, sky diving, paragliding, fly boarding, banana boat riding and lots more. There are world’s best water parks in Dubai and once you visit these spots you would definitely repeat your visit. Cruise dinner in Dubai is famous for romantic candle light dinner. In short Dubai is the place that one should once in their lifetime.

Undoubtedly Dubai is a great country to be visited but before travelling there this guide will definitely assist you. Still, any query regarding Dubai then comments below also feel free to share your experience if you ever visit Dubai. For more updates stay connected.