Travelling To Malaysia? Top Tips You Should Not Miss!

Vibrant culture, mouth-watering food, sunny beaches and lush rain forests are some of the main reasons world travelers put Malaysia on their must-to visit list. Malaysia is a tropical paradise, located south of Thailand on the Malay Penisula – in the southeast Asia. It is well known for its breath-taking scenery and natural beauty. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of the country, and it is a myriad of natural attractions, boasting colonial architecture and gleaming skyscrapers. If you are more into diving and relaxing, don’t worry – Malaysia’s islands are home to some of the most fascinating dive areas in the world.
Like any place, it pays to know a few important things before leaving your home. Check out these top tips that will make your vacay one to remember.
VISA. Traveling to this country is not that complicated. The citizens of the most countries won’t need to apply for Malaysia visa beforehand. In Asia, there are a couple of countries that require a visa for Malaysia, but most will not. Did you know that Malaysia received over 540, 000 Indian tourists from January to October last year? Yes, India is the 6th top tourist source market and there are 3 different Malaysia visa for Indians provided for business and tourism purpose only. For most of North America and Europe, you will receive a visa for 90 days, while for some other countries you will only receive a 30-day visa stamp. Before you book a ticket make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months.

SAFETY. Most of the country is incredibly safe, which means you should have a safe and lovely stay in Malaysia. However, you should think about travel insurances, because if you are visiting some of the big cities you may face with petty theft and pickopocketing. So, keep in mind to have your belongings close.


LANGUAGE. Malay is the official language of Malaysia, but English is widely spoken too! However, not all local speak the same language as you, so you can try to learn some basic words in Malay, Chinese or Tamil. Body language and a smile can help you as well. There are so many locals that want to share their love for their country and culture through events, so we recommend looking at hotels or hostels that organize city tours, hiking, and other fun activities on language that you will understand.

BEST TIME TO GO. There isn’t a lot of distinction between the seasons in Malaysia, because the country experiences high heat and humidity during the whole year. In November/December the monsoon season arrives and brings the rainy season until February. We don’t recommend you to visit the East coast during this time. The rainy season on the West Coast goes from April to October, and the weather is milder. The best thing about the country is that you can align your travel plans with the right areas and have an enjoyable holiday.

BUDGET. A trip to Malaysia can be pretty affordable. It may be pricier than some areas in Southeast Asia, but much cheaper than any other western country. Those who enjoy eating street food, and are used to sleeping in hostels can easily get by on $30 a day. Or if you want something more nicer, lthen you should budget up to $50 a day.