Trending Engagement Jewelry — What’s New for 2022?


Jewelry designer and founder of The Cut London, Kate Baxter recently stated that “The desire for meaning and sentimentality is definitely coming through as a trend with my clients…There’s a real sense that they want to make the ring as special as possible.”  But what exactly does sentimentality mean for couples tying the knot in 2022? 

Solitaire engagement ring settings

Solitaire engagement rings, or rings that have a single center stone, actually accounted for 30% of all rings purchased from Blue Nile in 2021. While this highlights their popularity, there’s no question that this type of ring will carry over into 2022. With the ability to showcase a single diamond or gemstone, these rings will allow for a simple yet stunning way to show off an engagement, and can be done with a variety of preferences in mind. For example, a solitaire engagement ring setting can involve a square, round, or oval gem — in fact, Justin Bieber famously proposed to Hailey Baldwin with an oval cut solitaire ring, further proving just how good of a choice it can be.

“You and Me” style rings

“Toi et moi,” or French for “You and Me,” is another popular engagement ring style that we’ll most certainly be seeing more of in 2022. With these rings characterized by two gemstones that complement one another, the style dates back to the 1796 marriage of Napoleon and Josephine, highlighting just how timeless this style is. Meant to represent the couple and their compatibility, this engagement ring trend has already been seen via rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s ring to actress Megan Fox. Featuring a two-stone piece that involves her birthstone (an emerald) in addition to his (a diamond), the ring also showcases interwoven, double twisting bands that are meant to symbolize “two halves of the same soul forming the obscure heart that is our love,” according to MGK.

Going against the norm

With many couples turning to unconventional choices for their engagement rings, unusual colored stones and arrangements are most definitely on the rise. The rose gold trend is just one great example of an offbeat choice that appeals to many. In fact, rose gold is actually a movement that Guy Burton, bespoke director at Hancocks London “hasn’t really seen before,” going on to further note that there’s been a move towards more unique designs. Whether it’s a unique cut or a custom designed setting, rings that involve a deepened level of personalization are sure to make a meaningful twist to any proposal. 
For couples looking to get engaged in 2022, there’s no doubt that the engagement ring chosen will make a great impact. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece like that found with solitaire engagement ring settings, a celebrity inspired style, or something unique altogether, there are a number of trends to choose from in the upcoming year.