Trends In Interior Design


The design of the inside of your home will likely change while you live there. You might see a new color theme that you like or new decorations that you want to try. There are some top trends that you might want to consider before choosing something that you might not like.

A minimal design option is best for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning or who aren’t home for long periods of time. There are very few colors in the home with this option, and you will see a lot of storage space, especially on the walls, so that everything has a place to go when it’s not in use. Black and white are popular colors with this design trend. It’s often an idea that’s more affordable than dealing with several colors and accessories. Hidden storage is an idea if you don’t have a lot of space.

Avoid any pieces of furniture that are bulky. Those times are over, and as businessmen like Stephen Wynn might suggest, you will see that the pieces will take up valuable space that can be used for other items that are functional like a desk for a computer. Colonial style pieces are very trendy, and you can pair them with neutral colors so that you can add colorful accent pieces later if you want a splash of color in the room. A French country look will give you the lighter colors that you might look for, such as beige and peach. You can also incorporate yellow and a pale orange with this theme as well. Green and a soft blue will work with most rooms in the home, especially in those that have a lot of natural light. The room will appear as though it’s more open. Avoid dark colors unless you plan to relax in the room. Lighter colors will stimulate you through the day. Dark colors on the windows aren’t a big trend, so try to get blinds and coverings that are a neutral shade but not white.

If you like the romantic or shabby look, then mismatched furniture is the way to design the home. White walls will be the backdrop for pictures of city landscapes, couches that are irregularly shaped and small chairs that seem to have no function at all but look amazing in the room. These chairs should be of a bold color like yellow or blue. Add a coffee or end table that is another color with a vase of one or two flowers to complete the room. Another idea is the boho chic look. This is something that’s very affordable to do, and it’s one of the latest trends that seems to be taking off in homes of all sizes. Get a few pieces of furniture at a flea market or second hand store, and start giving a luxurious feeling to the room. You can cover the pieces with various colors, or you can simply keep the pieces as they are for an eclectic appearance.