How to Trigger a ‘yes’ From a Prospective Property Buyer



When you are selling a property, there is only one major thing that should be on your mind. That is to “sell the property for the highest price possible!” Successful real estate agents like James Tostevin and Marcus Chiminello know what it takes to nurture a property browser and turn them into a buyer. When you are choosing a real estate agent to help sell your home, it is important that they know persuasion techniques to get the buyer to say yes. LocalAgentFinder, Australia’s leading real estate comparison website provide the following tips to help with the sales process of your property.

Sell them their fantasy!

If the prospect that you are selling to is planning to live in the property as an owner-occupier, you need to sell the idea of them owning the house and turning it into a home. If the prospect is planning to purchase the property as an investment, you must sell the idea of them profiting from equity gains or cash flow income from the property.

Make the prospective buyer an offer they cannot refuse.

The pricing strategy that you use will either make or break your campaign. Lower prices will attract more property viewers, however bids on your property may remain low. High prices may deter people from wanting to view your property. The buyers want to feel like they are getting good value for money. The perceived value of the property needs to be high in order to give buyers the feeling that they are getting a discounted deal.

Give the property a theme or a story.

Add interest to the property by pitching a theme or selling a story about the property. This is an easy way to differentiate your property from other listings on the market and gain an additional profit premium for your property. For example:

  • The home may have previously been owned or lived in by a celebrity.
  • The property may have historical significance.
  • The property is a popular landmark in the area.

Make the property appear luxurious.

Improving the aesthetic appeal of the home will increase the interest and bidding price from buyers. Property vendors should ensure that the exterior of the property is well presented. This means:

  • The lawn is mowed neatly.
  • Any trees, shrubs or gardens are well maintained.
  • Any broken fixtures such as roof tiles, fence palings or gutter railings are repaired.
  • That the exterior of the property looks new. (A paint job that highlights the details of the properties will improve the cosmetic appeal of the property.)
  • Sealing any driveways or pathways.


The property’s interior should:

  • Incorporate a minimalistic design and be free from clutter.
  • Use beautifully scented candles within the home. (Particularly in the master bedroom, bathrooms and living areas.)
  • Ensure that lighting within the property is bright. Bring natural light into the property with large windows and skylights. Create the illusion of more light within the property by placing mirrors and glass objects around the property.
  • Borrow (or purchase) selected artwork to display within the property.
  • Replace any family photographs with generic photographs
  • Use appealing furniture that isn’t damaged in any way.

Build a relationship with potential buyers.

Purchasing a property is a huge financial commitment for most people. They want to have as much confidence in their purchase as possible. A property agent that can demonstrate their expertise and build trust with them are more likely to close the sale.


Getting customers to agree to the sales terms that you want for your property are much easier if the property’s perceived value is increased. Work with a property agent that can help you improve the perceived value of your property so you can easily sell your property for your desired price.