True Transport Options That You Can Count On To


All urban people already know it: to go on weekends or holidays, renting a car is cheaper than buying one, even second-hand. Insurance, maintenance, parking are all fixed costs that owners must ensure. In fact, rent is often freedom!

Renting a car for weekends or holidays is a formula more and more run by city dwellers. And for good reason! According to specialized press comparisons, on less than 10,000 km per year and for two trips per week of less than 150 km, car rental is 35% cheaper than the ownership of a mid-range car. Mass has been said. In addition we can have a small car in town and need a large vehicle to transport his car by the sea.

Who can rent?

Five tips for renting a car

All holders of a car license on points remain and are not subject to a temporary suspension. All? Not quite. For young drivers under the age of 25, companies have introduced special rules. Be careful; never rent a vehicle for a friend or relative who is not old enough. In case of any problem, you will be responsible for the damage.

Book at the last moment?

This is the mistake not to commit. In some cases, difficult to do otherwise, but it is 48 hours before the vehicle is taken those pricesstarting to climb on some models, usually entry-level. The utilities are more expensive last week-end than during the week, as are the 9 places often reserved by clubs and associations. It is also possible, only on the phone and in the agency, to put an option at a price. Otherwise and recently, the cancellation conditions are more rigorous (it remains free at vehicle). It is always prudent to call before renting, even on the Internet. Finally, never forget that weekends are conducive to low price packages. The Rome airport transfers are perfect there.

Where to rent a car?

To say that the Internet is a basis for work is a euphemism. All major rental companies have online services and it is clear that the web is generally cheaper than the agency. However, do not think that renting on the net to “wholesalers”: for the school holidays, the competition is raging.The only solution: compare. That each makes special offers that can be real opportunities. The concern, on many comparators, no question of knowing the name of the lessor before issuing the reservation form, once the benefit paid.Full prices, insurance included and often attractive prices. Even work abroad. American sites, with devastating promos, spot foreign visitors and do not necessarily offer the same rates.  

Once the vehicle is handed over to the lessor, do not immediately throw out the receipts. Keep them a few months just in case. Accounting errors, it happens!

Use a comparator

As for flights, this is the most convenient way to find the best price! A comparator tells you the best option, whether at the airport or city offices.

Prepare your arrival in Nice

Landing in an entirely unknown city is always a source of stress. Not knowing where to head out of the airport or central station can be scary and extremely frustrating.