Recycle Old Items Into Cheap Seating To Make Your Garden More Comfortable

Looking for cheap ways on how to create comfortable seating for your garden? If you have some items such as old tires and pallets lying around, they will be huge help. The rest is up to your creativity.  These incredible ideas will show you how to recycle old items into garden furniture that you will definitely love.

1.Cinder block bench with succulents


Benches made with cinder blocks and wood are very easy to make. Besides, they are comfy and look nice. This one has even succulents planted in it. This smart idea will bring a bench where you can relax in your backyard.


2. Pallet Bar


There are too many good ideas on what do do with palettes. But you don’t have that number of pallets for sure. We recommend you this smart idea. Why don’t you build your own garden bar? Your guests will love it!

3. Pallet lounge


If you have some pare space, then making a comfy lounge would sound like a great idea. Even better, you can make it with pallets. Besides being very easy to make, you will be amazed by the result!



4. Reading corner


Maybe you want to have a little corner for yourself? This portable seating will be the place where you can relax after a long day. And it is really easy to make.

5. Tire seating


Those old tires can be converted into comfortable seating for your backyard! Cover them with nice fabric. Put some pillows and you have some comfy seats that you can enjoy!


Another great idea for old tires! You can paint your old tires in some fancy colors. Place a soft cushion on top and you can make as many seats as you want. These are perfect for yard parties!


6.Cable spool rocking chair


Such a brilliant idea for your yard! Cable spool can be transformed into amazing rocking chairs. You will want to enjoy these for hours.

7. Barrel chairs


Transforming old barrels sounds like a tough thing to do , but this one is possible. These ones look very decorative!

8. Cozy corner


You would certainly love to have a cozy corner in your yard where you can relax and enjoy. This idea will be the perfect for creating that. This  seating is very easy to make. You only need wood and a small mattress.

9. Metal barrel seating


If you have old metal barrels just lying there, you can create beautiful seating!

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