Turn Home Décor Fabric into Beautiful Interior Design


Fabric never goes out of style. One might argue that this is due, in part, to its versatility. You can find fabric in just about any color or pattern, and many crafters love to turn their favorite material into beautiful interior décor. Depending on the type of fabric you purchase, you might be able to use it for any of the following design projects.

Unique Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is a shower curtain – or is it? Many stores carry the same shower curtains, and you may have even visited a friend only to discover she has the same shower curtain you do. You can only take so many sea themes, stripes, or flowers, and when you purchase the right home décor fabric by the yard, you can create a unique shower curtain sure to make you the envy of the block.

On average, it’ll take about 3 1/2 yards of fabric to make your shower curtain. You want some extra space for hems on the top and bottom, as you’ll double up the fabric on top for your hanging grommets. A good formula to figure the spacing between the grommets is dividing your shower curtains width by 11. Make certain to measure your shower opening for the exact curtain size, however.

Fabric Accent Wall

Forget painting your accent wall. That’s boring and way overdone. Instead, create a unique accent wall with your home décor fabric. All you need to create a beautiful and eclectic accent in any room is your fabric and a staple gun. With the help of your significant other, your child, or a friend, cut the fabric to cover the entire wall plus a little extra on the edges. Have your assistant help you by pulling the fabric taut. Staple it to the wall along the borders. Use an X-ACTO knife to trim the edges cleanly.

Pets Need Love, Too

When you make your pet’s sleeping place from scratch, you can choose durable fabric Fido can’t chew through or Fluffy can’t claw through. You can also select the stuffing your pet prefers. Fido might like a cooler filling, whereas Fluffy will want to snuggle in deeply. Determine the best size for your pet’s bed and then cut and sew your décor fabric to your specifications leaving an opening for the stuffing. Stuff and close the bed. Then, place it on the floor for Fido to jump on immediately and Fluffy to reject.

These are just a few suggestions for home décor fabric. When it comes to constructing your interior decorations, your only limit is your imagination. In fact, the fabric itself might inspire your design.