How to Turn Your Inexpensive Condo into a Relaxing Haven


The most relaxing homes are the ones with the most space. But not everyone can afford a large estate. Many people buy affordable condos in Montreal instead. The only drawback is, most low-priced condos have very little space.

But that doesn’t mean you’re fated to spend years living in a tight space. Here are some ideas on how you can turn your cramped condo unit into a soothing and relaxing haven.

  1. Choose softer hues. Having lots of bright and harsh colors isn’t really conducive to relaxation. Use colors that you normally find in nature, such as sky blue, warm brown, beige, or gray, and soft green hues.
  2. Keep it tidy. Develop a habit of putting things back where you got them. When you don’t, after a while you’ll end up with a cluttered condo and the sight of it can frazzle your nerves. It can also stress you out when you have to think about all the tidying up you have to do. So save yourself the hassle and pick up after yourself right away.

This also means you need to invest in storage solutions that you can hide away. Lots of things should be kept out of sight, but nearby in case you need them.

  1. Go for soft furniture. Pick a nicely cushioned couch and an overstuffed chair. Have lots of cushions on your couch. Your condo isn’t really a good place for angular and irregular furniture. Try to find a lounge chair that allows you to stretch your legs.
  2. Dim the lights. When you’re trying to relax, you really should avoid bright lights. You should keep your light soft. Find lamps that emit a cheerful light without being too bright. Use candles every now and then too.
  3. Play some relaxing music. Everyone has different musical tastes, but surely you have some favorite songs that are slow and soothing. Save the up-tempo music for the morning. For more relaxing evenings, make a playlist of your favorite mellow songs. By the way, you may want to invest in some decent speakers.
  4. Prepare some fragrant scents. What you smell contributes to your feeling of relaxation. So you can use some mild incense, scented oil diffusers, or even a pleasant air fresher.
  5. Display some personal effects. It’s always more relaxing when you know a place is yours, and you can do that with personal photos and other items that hold deep meaning. Display these items all over your unit but careful not to over do it, since you’re still trying to avoid clutter.

Put these tips to good use, and you will find yourself more relaxed every time you get home.