How to Turn Your Summer Stunners into Winter Wonders


Summer is great, isn’t it? The warm weather, the parties, the festivals, and the carefree attitudes are all wonderful aspects of summer. But you know what we love best about the summer?

The clothes.

Summer clothes are easy, fun, and cute. From shorts to dresses to sandals to tanks, summer clothes are almost any girl’s favorite thing about the season. It’s for this reason that when the air gets that crisp fall feel and when we can’t leave the house in the morning without a sweater that we all get a little bit sad.

It means that all of our favorite summer outfits get pushed to the back of the closet and the coats and sweaters take their place.

Or does it?

If you go through withdrawal when you have to wear a jacket, or you stubbornly wear your favorite shorts well into November, read on to learn how your summer faves can blend seamlessly into your winter wardrobe.


Layering With Summer Tops

Of course the key to dressing for cold weather is by layering various pieces of clothing, but this doesn’t mean that each layered piece has to be a bulky, long sleeve turtleneck. Your favorite tanks and tees from summer will work perfectly during the fall and winter months with minimal effort.

Simply pair your tank with a cute pair jeans and top it all off with a cardigan or blazer in a fall hue like burgundy or mossy green. Add jewelry and accessories that complete the look, such as a pretty wool scarf or a chunky necklace made of wood. If you can incorporate some earthy elements into your outfit you’ll capture the feeling of the season perfectly.

Shorts in Winter? You Bet!

When the weather takes that turn for the winter worst, it’s often our shorts that are the first to go, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of ways that you can make your shorts work in the colder months, and you can do so using items that you already have in your closet.

The easiest way to wear shorts in the winter is by combining them with leggings or heavy tights. However, pulling this look off successfully takes a delicate touch. Keep your color choice neutral when it comes to your leg coverings; a bright fuchsia or purple legging might not work for this look. Also, make sure that the length of shorts is complemented by leggings. This look works wonderfully with high-waisted shorts and doesn’t work well at all with the longer styles. Complete the outfit with a great pair of tall boots in brown or black to really thumb your nose at winter.


Dress for the Weather

Your cute and sassy summer dresses need not meet their yearly expiration date in September. You can wear these flirty styles all year if you’d like. As with other summer items that successfully make the transition dresses are no exception.

Before the weather turns really cold you can warm up your dress with a sweater or a blazer, or even a terribly cute yet simple scarf from Jimmy Jazz. However, those sheer fabrics won’t serve you very well when the temps plummet. Luckily, we have a solution for that.

Summer dresses, especially the short styles, look great when worn over jeans. Anything longer than a mid-thigh length might look bulky, so keep it short. Add a belt in a rich brown leather slung casually around your hips and top it all off with a heavier cardigan.

Additionally, some cute summer dresses actually look really great with motorcycle style jackets. Since those jackets are usually too heavy to wear during the summer, you’ve just hit outfit inspiration pay dirt. If your chosen dress is long pair it with boots. If you’re going with a shorter style, choose a pair of pumps and some heavy tights to complete the look. Of course, add a great scarf and some jewelry to make your new outfit stand out even more.

As always, there are countless ways to make your wardrobe work for you, no matter the season. All you need are some layering skills, some great cardigans and jackets, leggings, and all of those amazing summer clothes that you can’t bear to part with.

Who knows? You may never have to buy winter clothes again.