Tuscany holidays – Combining history and luxury


Tuscany is a beautiful region in the middle of Italy. Its marvelous hills featuring the typical vineyards make it one of the loveliest places in Europe. The cities and villages located there keep the ancient history alive, waiting to be discovered by visitors. Florence for example, is a city that was once an important place for trade, politics and science.

The brilliant and well-known Leonardo Da Vinci was born in the Tuscany area, where he developed his spectacular ideas and inventions. Beyond this, Tuscany has always been a birthplace of art, such as frescoes, sculptures and mural painting. Visitors of this wonderful area have no doubts that this lovely scenery is inspiring for artists of every kind. Today many luxury holidays invite people to visit Tuscany.



Due to unemployment in the 1960s the village Castalfalfi in the heart of Tuscany was left by people in the direction of the big cities where jobs still were available. An important and incomparable aggregation of ancient buildings has been left behind and with it the unique history and architecture. But an ambitious project rediscovered the place and turned it into a one of a kind holiday resort. Most of the edifices in Castelfalfi are ancient on the outside but luxurious on the inside. Combining these two elements the old buildings meet the high expectations of tourists from all over the world. Here luxury holidays meet hospitality and excellent cuisine. A myriad of leisure activities in a beautiful area with stunning nature make for a great time. The golf courses on the soft hills of the region are not only nice to look at but also a challenge for every golfer.



Tuscany as a whole is a great area that invites visitors who are interested in history combined with culture and extraordinary scenery. So there is no wonder that visitors can find more hotels in Tuscany than in any other region of Italy. Said hotels guarantee high class hospitality and comfort for every tourist. It is no wonder that many famous people use hotels in Tuscany for private celebrations such as marriages. Luxury holidays spent in Tuscany mean a very special journey back to the old ages without missing anything from the modern way of living.