Two Tips for Making Your Portland Studio Apartment Comfortable


There are plenty of apartments in Portland available for rent, but you’ve decided that a studio apartment is right for you. Now that the lease is signed and you are ready to move in, it’s time to think about what elements will ensure the place becomes a true home. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of the space and still leave the studio with an expansive feel.

Making the Most of Natural Light and Still Having Privacy

Many Portland apartments for rent feature windows that provide a lot of natural light. While that’s an appealing trait in any apartment, it’s especially nice for a smaller space like a studio apartment. Your goal is to choose some kind of window treatment that allows you to let in as much light as possible and still give you the opportunity to enjoy some privacy when the mood strikes.

One approach is to only consider window treatments that lean toward a minimalist look. The idea is to ensure the treatments provide a light and airy look even when they are closed. One combination that may find perfect is to go with sheers paired with vertical blinds.

During the daytime, the sheer panels are pushed to each side of the window and the blinds are left open. The panels add a touch of softness to the hard edges of the window and the open blinds let in lots of natural light. At night, close the blinds and soften the look by pulling the sheer panels over them.

Remember that going with light colors for the panels and the blinds will visually suggest that the window is a little larger than it is. Stick with pastels or off-white shades that will work with any of the other colors you use in your apartment.

Screens are Your Friend

Studio apartments tend to be open spaces with a kitchenette tucked in a corner and a bathroom off to one side of the main living space. That means the main room will serve multiple purposes. In order to help define the spaces, consider using a screen or two.

For example, you could set aside one of the corners as your sleeping space. Position a decorative screen so that your bed is on one side and the sofa is on the other. The screen serves as artwork as well as defining the two different spaces.

Your dining area can be set up adjacent to the kitchenette. That’s more efficient and also allows you to use the table to add some decorative touches to that portion of the main room. The remainder of the space will serve as the living room and the place where you entertain when guests stop by.

There are other strategies that allow you to accomplish a great deal with a smaller space. As you look at different Portland studio apartments for rent consider how you can create the look you want and avoid making the space seem cluttered or inefficient. With a little time and effort, the place will look great, have a wonderful flow, and be the home you always wanted.