Types of Bouquets


Wedding bouquets are a lot like wedding dresses. Every bride is going to need one in one form or another, and because they can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can also take a big bite from the bridal budget. But just as a good dress is hard to find, how do you look for a bouquet that contains the flowers you want to use, that fits with your style, but still expresses your personality? Fresh Flowers offer flower delivery in Perth and make it very easy to get the blooms you want at a great price.

First, you need to choose if you want a semiformal, formal or casual arrangement. A good rule of thumb would be to fit your bouquet’s size towards the length of your gown or bridal dress. Long stemmed, formal bouquets go well with fuller, more elaborate gowns, and informal flowers are better coordinated with more casual dresses.

Here are some of the most common: 

Cascade – also called feature or waterfall bouquets, cascade bouquets are stylised by having a row of plants sweeping at the brides hand at the top, and then falling down below the hand like a waterfall. Just about almost any flowers may be used with this type, but large petalled blooms like roses, orchids, lisianthus and calla lilies are extremely common since they provide the drape and fall so reminiscent of this style. The cascade is one of the most traditional and proper varieties of bouquet.


Nosegay – consist of small, rounded, plants that are sparsely packed. These arrangements frequently incorporate less flowers than other arrangements simply because they use more of the the blooms petals and stems. You will usually see a lot of tulips, irises and lilies in nosegays. Ribbons can be used even to wrap the stems or to trim these bouquets. Nosegays can be either formal or casual.



Nosegays bouquets

Arm sheaf – An arm sheaf or presentation arrangement is made with long-stemmed blossoms that the bride woman cradles alongside her inner arm. Orchids, long-stemmed roses, calla lilies, gladiolus and delphiniums are often used in these arrangements, which, even though they’ve been around for years, still remain an ideal choice for contemporary and fashionable brides.

Arm sheaf

Rose diamond – Also known as wrist corsages, flower bracelets contain little groupings of flowers, typically orchids or roses, which are mounted on an elastic bracelet. These arrangements are ideal for women who don’t want to be encumbered with an arrangement they have to hang on to! These bouquets are elegant and work well with shorter hemmed dresses and more casual ceremonies

rose bouquet

How to choose?

Not all arrangements suit every body type or dress. It is very important to keep your bouquet relative to your dress and form when you need your bouquet to enhance your outfit, not obscure it. Choose something based on advice from florists and remember that Fresh Flowers offer flower delivery in Perth if you’re looking for a bouquet from the experts for your Perth wedding.

Keep it Unique

Ok, now your bouquet has the love, design and meaning all sorted, but if you want to personalise it more, add a few trinkets. Family heirlooms built into the bouquet wrap can be just the right touch for something special. And you can wrap the bouquet with a piece of your mother’s wedding gown or a piece of the outfit you wore on your first date with your fiancé. The options are endless to personalise your bouquet.

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