Types of Giant Buddha Statues for Your Garden  


The garden is an integral part of your property, and thus, you need to add the best decorative elements to that space. A giant Buddha statue can be a great addition to your garden. With the availability of so many varieties in the marketplace, buying the right one can get pretty tricky. 

But how to buy a giant Buddha statue suited for your garden? 

Here’s a guide to buying the perfect Buddha statue for your garden: 

Meditating Buddha

Do you like meditating in your garden? If yes, keep a meditating Buddha statue in the open area. This Buddha statue sits with folded legs, his hands on the lap, and face upwards with eyes open fully or partially. 

Besides placing this type of Buddha in your garden, you can put some scented candles around the space when you meditate. Buy a meditating Buddha to create a peaceful environment in your residential property, where you can meditate and alleviate your stress and worries.  

Praying Buddha

To wake up feeling good every morning and take every new day as it comes, you need positivity. A praying Buddha statue can spread positivity in your garden and motivate you to keep going despite the hurdles you face in your life. 

A praying Buddha statue reflects faith and devotion. So, keep it in your neat and clean garden. You can also position some candles and lamps around it. 

Never place any Buddha-related element below the statue’s eye level as it is considered discourteous for a religious leader like him. 

Garden Buddha

You can buy a garden Buddha with no second thoughts when it comes to placing it in your garden or backyard. You can even set this Buddha statue on your balcony as it is one of those areas inside a home where people sit and relax for hours. 

You can also place it near a water body or flowering plant to feel rejuvenated and grow spiritually. 

The Bhumisparsha Buddha

The Bhumisparsha Buddha statue is one of the most celebrated poses that spread enlightenment. This one even has a story behind it. Here’s how the story goes: 

When Gautama was deep in meditation in search of enlightenment, a demon, Mara, tried to frighten him. Mara tried several tricks to distract Gautama. He sent demons, rains, storms, and even his own daughters to entice Gautama away from enlightenment, but all of that was in vain. 

Finally, when Gautama attained enlightenment, Mara refused to believe it and asked him to provide a witness of it. This is what prompted the ‘Bhumisparsha mudra’ from the fully enlightened Buddha. Once Buddha made the gesture, it is believed that the Earth roared, “I bear witness.” Hence, it is known as the ‘Bhumisparsha’ mudra or ‘the earth witness’ mudra. 

The Bhumisparsha Buddha is proof that one needs to abandon all worldly temptations and concerns to attain true enlightenment.  Position the Bhumisparsha Buddha statue in your garden by facing it in the East direction as the sun rises in the East. 

Buddha Bust

It is a trendy style, and thus, is easily available. Buddha Bust is a very famous art form loosely based on self-knowledge.

To improve the overall beauty of your garden, you should add a Buddha Bust statue to the open space.

Nirvana or Reclining Lord Buddha

A nirvana or reclining Lord Buddha demonstrates the final days of his mortal life and induces peace in your mind and soul. If you place a nirvana or reclining lord buddha statue in your garden facing the West, it promotes internal peace and happiness. 

Sitting Buddha with a Raised Hand to Shower Blessings

The Buddha’s blessings can take your life in a new direction. The sitting Buddha with a raised hand to shower blessings saves you from negativities and hazards. This Buddha statue attracts and spreads peace inside your home and helps you win over any fear. 

If you wish to create a peaceful ambiance, place this giant Buddha statue at the entrance to your garden or home. 

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha is a statue where the Lord sits holding a bowl of herbs in his left hand that rests on his lap and his right hand moves down, the fingers pointed to the ground and the palm outwards. 

If you wish to promote a healthy environment inside your home, buy and place the medicine Buddha in your garden. This type of Buddha statue reflects health and quick healing. 

Though you often see medicine Buddha statues mostly in temples, you can also place them inside your home. The garden is a prominent spot inside your home that attracts a lot of attention.

When buying a giant Buddha statue for your garden, you may have too many options to choose from. So, identify your budget first. Then, follow this guide to select and buy the best option suited to your requirements and preferences.