Types of Jewelry You Must Have in Your Trousseau


For every woman out there, wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days. It is her day and she gets to shine on that day. In order to make the bridal look complete, there is a need for different types of jewellery. Apart from the usual bridal set of jhumka earrings and necklace, there are so many other things that a bride should have in her trousseau and this article will help you in knowing what they are. Make sure to read the entire article to know what you have to add in the checklist during the wedding shopping.



A bride’s look is incomplete without maangtikka. Be it maangtikka, mathapatti or a jhoomer, you must have it and there is no other way around. Depending upon the type of wedding you are having, your attire, etc. you can pick a maangtikka that will complement your look perfectly. Most of the South Indians go with maang tikka whereas the mathapatti will look beautiful for North Indian brides. 

Braid Jewellery

A bridal look is incomplete without braid jewellery. Be it a beautiful long braid or a bun, brides are sporting some beautiful jewellery that will complement their hair and the overall look. From pearl sets to florals, there are a lot of options to checkout and pick the one that goes with your style. You can find beautiful braid jewellery associated with earrings too. There are a lot of artificial kundan jewellery in which the earrings come with chains that can be attached to hair. 


Well, bangles is something that is a must have in Indian weddings. However, brides lately aren’t sticking to red bangles alone, there are various color options from which they can pick the one that matches their style. There are so many modern day brides out there who sported contrast color bangles for their bridal wear and still rocked the look like a pro.

Rani Haar

If you are someone who wants to stand out and look a bit unique on your wedding day, then rani haar is something that you have to look at. This rani haar is made with pearls, stones, kundans and they can be layered with your bridal necklace. Pick a haar whose color matches with your dress and go with it. You will surely look unique and beautiful.


Armlets are very popular among South Indian brides and they rock the entire look. However, they aren’t quite popular among the North Indian brides. These armlets are a jewellery piece that you can wear on your arms. They are made of different types of metals, pearls and stones. You can pick the one that compliments your bridal wear.

Haath Phool

The haath phool is something that you can flaunt for your bridal hand pics. They are gorgeous pieces of jewellery that will go with every type of bridal dress. From lehengas in North to silk sarees in south, any bride can add it to get the best look.

Waist Belt

Now, waist belt is something that every bride should wear to complete the bridal look. It is quite popular in the south and even north Indians are flaunting it lately. The waist belt is really a great addition for bridal wear.

These are some of the must have jewellery in your trousseau. All of these will become a great asset in your final look. They are pretty and will make you look at your best.