The UK’s Best Indian Food


Indian food has been adopted as a national food and rightly so because it is delicious. A really special curry can change your life and taking friends and family to an Indian restaurant is an experience unlike any other. With that in mind here are where the UK’s best Indian food is located.


If you ever go to Bradford and don’t have a curry, then you are doing it wrong. This city and its surrounding town have some the best curry houses and Indian restaurants in the country. Indian food and Bradford go hand in hand and you can hardly turn a corner without seeing somewhere that sells a decent curry. That being said though, the best place to eat has to be Shimla Spice. It is located just outside the centre of Bradford in Shipley and it is a place where they have turned the simple craft of curry making into a full blown art. With Naans has tall as your gran and a selection of Indian food that’ll make your eyes boggle, Shimla Spice is the perfect Indian restaurant that is synonymous with the word curry.

Your Own Home

This one might sounds weird but stick with me here. Thanks to supermarkets and Indian specialist shops have better stock, it means that making a great home made curry is easier than ever. Whether you are feeling especially skilled and want to take the spice route by getting some curry powder and adding it to your ingredients or if you want to make lovely curry with less hassle thanks to jars like Pataks, then it has never been easier or quicker to make great home made curry. Although, if you don’t have the right parts to it or are feeling especially lazy then you could always just order in. Services like Deliveroo will bring you some top quality Indian takeaway straight to your doorstep. This means you don’t have to ruin your PJ day by making food and can instead sit back and wait for great food to come right to you.


London really does have it all. Great museums, business, parks, events, sports and also Indian food. There some highly unique and really special Indian restaurants throughout London. It’ll be quite the mission to go try them all but if you pick just one to book a table at make it Amaya. With their unusual tapas style meals, Amaya is a really great experience. Customers pick a range of different dishes and get small portions of each one so it is a great way to try lots of amazing flavours in a single meal. Amaya is fantastic and should you have the opportunity to eat there, then you should.