Ultimate Guide To Motivating Your Volleyball Team


Motivating a team of high school sporting stars can be quite a tedious task. However, with the right tactics, you will be able to spark motivation and ensure your players are determined to take home victories each time they play competitively. With these top tips, your volleyball team will be transformed into excellent sporting legends in no time.


Practice Uniforms

Allowing your players to attend practices in their own sporting attire is not entirely a great decision simply because the more casual your players dress, the more casual their practice focus will be. Practices should be as competitive as matches, which is why you should kit your team out for greatness with custom volleyball jerseys is a fantastic idea to spark motivation at practices. Rather than encouraging casual sportsmanship, your team should always be performing at their best. You should encourage them through ensuring they have appropriate sporting kit whether they are preparing for a competitive match or they are simply attending a morning practice. 

Don’t Punish Failure

Punishing your team for a loss is the easiest way to decrease motivation instantly. Rather than punish their failure you should teach your players to handle a loss with dignity and self-respect. Moreover, your team should be able to hold their heads high in the face of disappointment as a team rather than feel they should pass blame from one player to the next. When your team is confronted with a devastating loss, rather than punish players or the entire team, you should consider implementing team-building exercises that will build unity rather than separate your players during a difficult time.

Learn To Deal With Victory

Just as your team will need to grasp a dignified manner of dealing with disappointment, they will also need to learn to handle a victory. This is because not being able to handle a win with humility means your team will become arrogant. Arrogance is far from appropriate sportsmanship manner, and worse yet, it will make the devastation of potential loss even worse. You should, therefore, encourage your team to maintain sporting etiquette during victories rather than allow them to belittle opposing teams.


Team-building activities and exercises should not only be for loss as you should set aside one practice day purely to unify your team players. Team building is crucial for sports as your team should function as one unit rather than separate players. They will need to build communication skills through activities that encourage friendship and unity. Motivating and coaching a team goes far beyond simply teaching volleyball techniques as your team will need more skills to claim victories and understand competition. Using the same team-building activities used in businesses and other fields would also be sufficient for adapting the skills each player on your skill is able to use on the field. Once you have kitted out your team with matching practice uniforms, they will be able to feel more unified at practices, which will benefit their abilities as a team during their next competitive match. You could also consider an annual sport-inspired vacation as a longer-period of team building activities.