Ultimate Tips For Travel Photos Without People

Are you feeling frustrated because all of your travel photos have tourists? Whether you are a travel blogger or a person that wants to keep their memories, it is very important that you have good photos. Popular touristic spots are usually crowded, so there will be a lot of people around. It seems impossible to take some decent pictures. However, there are some tips and tricks that will help you take better photos.

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The right time

The best way to take your photos is to go to the location first. You are recommended to go there during the sunrise. There won’t be people there, so you can have a highly popular tourist spot just for yourself. On the other hand, the lighting will bring a nice dose of warmth and even light to your pictures.

Depending on the location, you can even go there last. If you are not a morning person, you will like this. If it is a charming cafe or a picturesque museum, go there before closing.


Manipulate the angles

Sometimes, it is possible to avoid the crowd around if the shot is focused on you. Depending on the location, the wonderful view can be in the background. You can go near the sea or the cliff for example. However, always be careful not to hurt yourself.


Don’t travel in a group

If you travel with a group of tourists, there will be lots of people near you. And they will be so close, that you won’t have any space for pictures. Most of the travel bloggers arrange to go with their travel buddies to avoid this problem. You might want to avoid the guided tours, as they can also have a tight schedule and impose time limitations for you.


Stand in front of the people

Actually, this is the trick that you should tell the person that will shoot you. If there are some people in the distance, they should place the camera accordingly so that your body covers the people. This is a pretty easy and simple trick that always works when the people are behind you. It puts you in the focus while covering someone in the background.

Find new perspectives

We all like to recreate the usual touristic photos. Take the famous shot with people holding the tower in Pisa for example. You will see lots of people in the background of their shots. You should be more creative than them and find new perspectives. Go a bit further, so that you will still have the desired item on the photo but no people around.



Hidden gems

If you have to take good pictures, explore the hidden gems. These are the less touristic spots that are not crowded. Sometimes, they can be even better than the usual ones. Also, you can plan trips to beautiful places that aren’t so popular among tourists.


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