Understand Refurbished iPhone and How to Save Money While Buying Apple Devices


Undoubtedly, Apple iPhones are the best and most popular smartphones available, today. Even if their screen is fragile like the majority of androids, they are easily repairable and quite durable. Unfortunately, Apple iPhones carry a huge price tag, especially the latest models. Therefore, you will find a healthy market for second-hand or refurbished iPhones.

New iPhone releases and Apple fans upgrade their previous versions with the newest model. They either exchange it when they buy the newest version or sell it independently. You can buy iPhones directly from private sellers but it is less risky to invest in a refurbished device. It carries a warranty, which means if anything goes wrong then you get some chance of getting a refund or replacement. Click here to view a full range of second hand iPhones.

What is a refurbished iPhone?

The refurbished term covers plenty of different situations, so understand it before you buy.

  • A refurbished iPhone is tested and repaired by a trader or manufacturer.
  • Warranty is offered.
  • It may or may not have original accessories or packaging.
  • It can have some cosmetic damage signs.

To understand the difference between refurbished iPhones, a grading system is used. Different stores or manufacturers use different grading systems. For example, The Big Phone Store uses – Pristine [mint condition], Very Good [a couple of scratches], Good [a little more cosmetic damage], and Fair [clear signs of use]. 

Second-hand or refurbished mobile phones have a dishonor attached but buying them from reliable traders is always recommended. Used does not indicate less functional quality. A phone that is well cared for by its previous owner has plenty of life left. You can save significantly on refurbished iPhones in pristine condition and if you are fine with a few dents or scratches then you will save more. 

Make sure that the refurbished iPhone you choose supports your carrier. It must not be stolen, broken, or under contract. Perform serial number checks online using stolen phone checker tools. 

Some other ways to save cash on buying an iPhone

Apple’s expensive iPhone starts at £1,049, the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you are not into buying refurbished iPhones then there are ways to save cash.

  • Choose small iPhone – Large iPhones with more storage capacities are extremely expensive. Choose the basic model over beefed-up version and save considerably. For example, the iPhone 13 costs £779, and its successor iPhone 13 Pro is priced at £949. The difference is in its CPU feature the former is 4-core, while the new one is 5-core. What notable difference will this make is yet to be seen but the price difference is huge.
  • Buy old model – In September or October, Apple releases new iPhone models and the old ones are offered at discounted rates. Around new releases, even the second-hand technology market gets an invasion of old iPhones and the rates are diminished. 
  • Wait for promotions – Retailers and carriers offer the best iPhone deals around Black Friday and post-Thanksgiving. 
  • Choose a payment plan – If you cannot afford the entire cost then pay in monthly installments. You will find monthly payment plans even with agreements to upgrade to a new model after some time. An upgrade plan is good for those who always change to new versions every year.