Understanding the Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing


Even though the terms power washing and pressure washing are used interchangeably, they have different meanings. Despite how both of them depend on highly pressurized water to remove any dirt or other materials from hard surfaces, they both differ in their specs. To know more about these specs, one must first know the answer to these questions: 

What Makes Power Washing Different?

The Pressurized Heated Water

Power washing is usually used to remove any surface material, such as dirt, mud, mildew, and any other contaminants. What differentiates power washing from pressure washing is the heated water that is used. The jet wash in a power washing machine works with heated water, unlike a pressure washing machine. There are several electric generators on Ablesales.com.au that can be used for power washing machines at times when you don’t have a nearby source of electricity. Moreover, using heated water gives power washing machines the advantage of easily getting rid of things that are difficult to clean, such as hard mildew, salts, or grease. Not to mention the fact that combining heated water with high pressure is the best solution out there to remove any stuck-on material that lies on any surface. In addition, the powerful blast of hot water can come in handy when you need to control weeds or moss growth. The pressurized heated water will either kill them or stop them from growing back right away.

What Makes Pressure Washing Different?

The Higher Pressured Water

From its name, pressure washing, you must say that it is the one with the higher pressure. Pressure washing, unlike power washing, is done with a normal temperature of the water. In other words, it mainly focuses on cleaning surfaces with pressure instead of pressure that is supported with heated water. 


The Specific Surface Uses

For the amount of pressure that it uses, a pressure washing machine cannot be used on any surface. Thus, it needs to be used on hard, exterior surfaces. It can effectively work on hard surfaces to remove dust, chewing gum, mud, stains, grime, and so on. These surfaces include the following:

  1. Residential exterior facades
  2. Commercial exterior facades
  3. Sidewalks, driveways, stairways, patios, and walkways 
  4. Stadiums, open-air plazas, parking garages, or any other public space
  5. Movie theaters 
  6. All kinds of vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks, and boats

Costs Less For a Building Face-lift

Pressure washing is known to be a relatively cheap method to give your building or space a clean and refreshing look. It is very efficient on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Not to mention how easy and simple it is for individuals to use, which helps them save up some of the cash spent on cleaning up.

Now that the difference between power washing and pressure washing is understood, one can start assessing their needs for a washing machine. This way you can easily decide on what type of washing machine to use for the area that you will be cleaning. In addition, you will be able to make a clearer choice on what to use for just cleaning, and what to use for cleaning and removing any harmful substances or organisms.