Understanding the rise in popularity behind Fantasy NFL


Fantasy Football is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, especially in the USA, and has been running since way back in 1963.

The first ever fantasy football competition was set up by one of the then Oakland Raiders owners Will Winkenbach. He has previously set up a fantasy golf and baseball league and decided to do the same with football.

This format was shared and moved around the country, beginning to engage with some of the most loyal fans across the county and those keen to find new ways to gamble and compete.

The 1990s was a huge turning point for the game, which saw its ability to grow further with the arrival of the internet.

Fans of the sport and the fantasy game were able to complete their drafts online and monitor their progress on their computers, not having to only play in local leagues with friends.

National and global reach was available for NFL Fantasy Football, it capitalized on the growing interest of the sport abroad and created a fantastic way for new fans to integrate and immerse themselves with the NFL further.

Fantasy Football gives friends the opportunity to compete against each other and show off their knowledge of the sport. With the expert guides though, you don’t need to be an NFL addict to be able to play. 

It has become so popular due to fans belief of their control over the game. Fantasy football ensures you pick your team, you draft the players you think will perform and you trade away those you don’t have faith in. The player is the manager, and your decisions are what wins or loses you games. 

Another reason the game is so popular is that the rules and premise of how to play are relatively simple. You can go into more in-depth leagues with more complicated rules, but for most, the standard league provides enough excitement each season to continue eagerly anticipating your draft for the new season as soon as the Super Bowl has finished.

Setting up a league is quick and simple. Many people set up with friends and family or colleagues at work, but if you don’t have the numbers of people interested you can also join public leagues and take on people from around the world.

The first stage is planning who you want in your line up. This all depends on where you are in your draft. Most leagues hold from 8 to 12 teams and each round of the draft snakes in order, so if you pick first in the first round, you will pick last in the second round and so on until all rounds are completed.

It is important to identify the types of players who will score you the highest points, with the most involvements in the game.

Points are scored through touchdowns, rushing yards, catching yards, interceptions, tackles, and sacks. From this, a quarterback who can run and throw, dual threat, is often a good choice, though some players talents obviously outshine others. For example, how before his retirement Tom Brady was always a strong performer despite his lack of rushing points.

Quarterbacks are important but you only need one and there are plenty to go around. Where players need to plan and address primarily is the running back and wide receiver areas. 

With such a range in quality levels in each area the need to draft top level running backs early is vital. They have the most involvement usually in the NFL for fantasy football points and a top-level running back can really help you in your league. 

You will need at least two running backs and two wide receivers in your starting line-up, so these areas are key to address early. 

If you are picking late in the first round, the top running backs are likely to have gone by the time your pick comes, so an elite wide receiver like Cooper Kupp is a recommended first pick.

As the season starts you can drop and add players if they end up performing badly or get injured as well as be able to trade players around your league. The one who takes his side to their leagues Super Bowl and wins comes away with the spoils and pride, ready to be challenged next season.

Fantasy Football continues to grow and the professionalism of it is taking shape more and more every season. There are experts within the NFL who give their advice and work full-time as Fantasy Football experts. There are also sites which require paid subscriptions who give you the most up to date and in-depth analysis and advice to help you set up your side.

With this continued growth and the popularity of the NFL across the world, they development and future of fantasy football remains ever increasing at a consistent level.