Unexpected Ways to Add Color to The Home


The fashion for neutral or muted colors has been around for some time. There are many homeowners who love the effect of a monochrome environment where the décor is varying tones of only one color, such as black, white, and gray or, for a warmer finish, reddish-brown and sepia. Such interiors can be very attractive; however, if they lack any sort of contrast, they can also be dull and uninspiring. Here are a few ways to take the edge off any insipidity that may be detracting from the beauty and elegance of your home or apartment.


Don’t go overboard

When planning how to add color, the first rule is “don’t do too much” – you’re looking for a splash, not a deluge. There’s nothing wrong with large areas that are decorated in neutral tones, including walls, ceilings, and floors. The trick is to know how to dress these backdrops with a few well-chosen additions to give your spaces a lift.


For example, if you must decorate, then a feature wall, in contrast to the others in a room, is a useful starting point. This may be a different color of paint or have a covering of interesting textured wallpaper. This is simple enough to do yourself when you’ve considered which wall will have the most impact if different from the rest.


Color options

Stylish alternatives to decorating include installing elegant colored shutters, which can be expertly cut and fitted to any size or shape of window opening. These retain the clean lines of a room but give a tremendous lift to plain décor. Look out for suppliers that showcase actual customer contributions as well as their own suggestions to provide you with extra design ideas.


Furniture and lighting are two areas where you can add just enough color to make an impact. For instance, brightly colored seating and a striking pendant light can make a big difference in a white kitchen. Throw pillows are an excellent way of dressing up neutral spaces and plain couches, plus being inexpensive, you can replace them or move them around to change the effect as often as you choose.


Wall art is a truly personal way of adding color to your spaces. In fact, depending on the choices that you make, you can completely change the atmosphere in one or more rooms with judiciously placed paintings, photographs, posters, or sculptures. Neutral floors can benefit from stylish rugs, whether you prefer the designer variety or a budget alternative. It’s worth checking out suppliers that can keep you in touch with all the latest trends, such as area rugs.


Go with your flow

Whatever choices you make, it is important to remember that the point is that you want to be comfortable living with them, so be sure to opt for the color touches you feel you can control. Shutters, furniture, lighting, and area rugs can all be mixed and matched until you achieve the interior that makes you happy.