Unforgettable Travel Memories: 3 Creative Ways to Capture your Trip

Photo via online4travel.ro

Whether it’s that dream holiday you’ve been planning forever, a weekend trip to a brand new city, or backpacking around the globe, our travels are something we never want to forget. Whilst Instagram and Facebook are ideal for posting those envy-inducing holiday snaps, it’s also nice to create memories that are a little more personal. Here are some fun, creative yet simple ways to document your travels and preserve those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Create a scrapbook
A scrapbook is an extremely creative way of documenting your adventures, and you will have just as much fun making it as you do looking back through it in years to come. With little more than an album and some glue, you can easily make a beautiful keepsake that will forever remind you of your travels. The beauty of a scrapbook is that you can fill it with absolutely anything, from photos and postcards to train tickets, or even left over currency – simply collect them as you go, and jot down dates and place names to help you when it comes to putting it all together. For an extra personal touch, accompany each souvenir or page with a handwritten note; a simple memo about what you ate that day, or the people you met, can really jog your memory and bring on a smile.

Keep a video diary
Blogging has long been popular among travelers wishing to record and share their experiences, and video blogging – or vlogging – takes this to the next level. Keeping a video diary is a fun and easy way to capture every single detail of your happiest holiday moments, and absolutely anyone can do it – be it with a specialist camera or a smartphone. Shooting everything from scenery to people to food will allow you to create an extremely vivid memoir and relive each experience time and time again. As well as making a lovely personal souvenir, you might also choose to share your footage online; many travel vloggers have even been able to use YouTube as a source of income.

Start a photo series
We all take photos when we’re away, but a travel-themed photo series is a great way to get even more creative with the camera; rather than taking standard shots in front of famous landmarks, you can make your snaps a little more unique by incorporating your own signature concept. This could be anything from a particular pose – such as jumping in the air – to always being photographed with a certain object. Just one example of how a theme can transform your holiday photos is the Feet First series by photographer Tom Robinson, featuring just his and his wife’s feet pointing towards various backdrops throughout their travels. In addition to being great fun along the way, a themed photo series makes for stunning décor, be it in a collage on the wall or dotted around the house using one of these unique display ideas.