Up Your Foodie Game With These Six Tools


Being a foodie has long been a popular hobby among people. Why? Because it results in delicious food, even if you mess up a little bit. But being a foodie can be difficult. It seems like nowadays lots of recipes that can be found online and in cookbooks require individuals to possess a fully stocked chef’s kitchen. However, this isn’t always possible. How can you truly claim to be a foodie if you can’t make your desired recipes?

Well, there are a couple of ways to up your foodie game using six simple tools that can be bought from most stores and don’t cost a ton of money. If you want to improve the quality of your meals and keep things simple and fresh, look into the following implements.


Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is essential for anyone who struggles to make rice correctly. This simple device just needs to be plugged in and filled with rice and water. Then, you just need to turn it on and allow it to boil and cook the rice for you. This way, it will always be the right consistency and texture. No more smushed and weak rice for you!

Butcher Knife

A butcher knife is the quintessential kitchen tool if you intend to eat a lot of fresh meat or other difficult to cut foods. Butcher knives are often also called chef’s knives and are considered one of the best variations on the classic knife because they are easy to grip, have long, sharp edges, and can slice and dice throughout just about anything. A butcher’s knife does not automatically mean a cleaver, which tends to have a thinner, lighter, and yet larger blade. If you want to be a true foodie, you need to have a butcher’s knife. Find out more details from this link to learn more about the kinds you can buy.

Fish Turner

A fish turner is a specialized spatula designed to help flip flaky and soft foods that are difficult to handle with a regular spatula. It includes a beveled edge to easily slip underneath food, and it has an easy gripping handle for your hands. Besides fish, this turner is excellent for other foods you struggle to turn, including seafood cakes, hamburgers, chicken, even pancakes. The majority are inexpensive to buy as well!

Glass Baking Dish

This sounds like a simple tool to include in a kitchen, but it’s a massive timesaver. Glass baking dishes are more durable and reliable than their metal counterparts, and are also easier to clean. The glass additionally allows for faster, more even cooking, making it great for baked goods and casseroles alike.

Microplane Zester

True foodies know that it’s possible to overseason foods. It’s therefore important to inject the right amount of citrus and zest into any meal or dessert so the tongue is tantalized without being suffocated by salt and other seasonings. If you call yourself a foodie, you should get a microplane zester. This small handheld device allows you to easily get zest from lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits without leaving unsightly curds or crumbles on the surface of the fruit. It also helps you get just the right amount overall.

Instant Read Thermometer

Depending on how big of a foodie you are, you might find it necessary to cook lots of delicate dishes that require meats and baked goods to be a specific temperature. Some items that come to mind are filet mignon, souffles, and roasted fowl. To ensure you’re cooking these dishes properly and reaching maximum deliciousness, consider getting an instant-read thermometer. This thermometer comes with a thin metal probe which is inserted into a portion of cooking food. It will give you an instant reading of the internal temperature, letting you know if the food is done and safe to eat. You may also read best home deep fryer consumer reports.

Being a foodie can be difficult without the right equipment. If you want to improve the condition of your kitchen, consider investing in these six tools to truly up your foodie game. While some are utensils, others are necessary tools like rice cookers and glass dishes that are easy to clean and help make sure your food remains of consistent quality and texture without constantly needing to check the food.