Upcycled DIY Coat Racks That You Are Going To Love


Do you want to save money but you constantly need some furniture items for your home? If you want to make things easier and cheaper for yourselves, check out the ideas that I have collected for you. We always need coat racks in our homes, so instead of going to the store to get one, make one on your own. In this article I’m going to share with you some Upcycled DIY Coat Racks That You Are Going To Love, so don’t miss them. I bet that you are going to find many interesting ideas that will catch your attention and the attention of everyone who comes in your house. Everybody is going to be amazed with the great designs! Go ahead and make your picks!

The old books can be repurposed in some pretty amazing ways, and one of them is to be upgraded into coat racks. Play with different colors and designs for stunning final look.

Image via diyready.com

All the small items that can be found around the house can be attached to a piece of wood and be turned into great coat racks. Think about old jewels and watches as well. They can add quite an interest to the overall look of the rack. What do you think about the designs with jewels below?

Image via homebuilding.ru

I’m totally in love with this out-of-the-ordinary coat rack design that features scissors. Have you ever thought that the scissor can hold your coat in an amazing fashion? Well, I think that you are going to be taken aback with this cool and unique design. Would you like to make it sometime soon?

Image via homebuilding.ru
Image via houzz.com
Image via sewtara.com
Image via topastuces.net

The big nails that you don’t need anymore can be turned into hooks on the coat rack. This is a super easy DIY project that can save you lots of money. How do you like it?

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Image via madeit.com.au

What do you think about turning the old and broken golf clubs into hooks for your next DIY coat rack? Are you in the mood for getting down to work and repurposing the golf clubs? Don’t hesitate and get yourselves an original rack for no money!

Image via sfgreenlabs.blogspot.mk

When an umbrella breaks, don’t rush to put it in a bin, but rather save the handle hooks for making a good-looking coat rack! When something gets broken don’t desperate but think of the many possible DIY project that repurpose old and broken things. There are plenty of them!

Image via ideiasgreen.tumblr.com
Image via etsy.com

If you need a coat rack for your kids’ room we have a wonderful idea for you. Get some of their toys and turn them into hooks of a coat rack. They will love to hang their coats on their favorite dinosaur. What do you think about the designs?

Image via greenmoxie.com
Image via freshideen.com

have you already picked your next DIY craft? Which is the coat rack design that caught your eyes the most? Let me know in the comments below!