Use of Plastic for Surfacing and Building Materials


Plastic is a material that is used hugely around the world by all individuals. The versatility and flexibility of plastic come from the capability of molding, laminating and shaping it into various products that could have hundreds of uses. It can be shaped physically or chemically for numerous reasons. This is also known as recycling plastic waste.

Plastic can be used for any requirement. From using plastic cups or straws to wearing clothes and shoes, it is undoubtedly the most common material used in the modern world. Moreover, plastic is also used for constructional reasons such as manufacturing underground water pipes. The distribution of all kinds of plastic products by different companies in this world is massive with huge benefits such as the company, regal plastics, that are one of the distributors. 


Importance of Using and Recycling Plastic:

Industrial companies manufacture surfacing material with the help of plastic such as a pergola, acrylic interior, sheeting for a roof, etc.  They turn discarded plastic efficiently into roof tiles and roof sheets. It is a systematic way used by industrial companies to recycle plastic and help the environment to become eco-friendly and healthy for all.

In this way, plastic waste does not end up in oceans or landfills for marine life to consume. Although a lot of plastic pollution still exists, the companies ensure that they are also contributing to recycling and eliminating plastic waste from this world. This a huge cause which needs the awareness and attention of all people as it destroys marine life and wildlife very badly. Along with that, it pollutes landfills and oceans which results in bad quality of water.

Manufacturing Process:

The companies turn plastic waste into usable building material because it is cost-effective as well as reliable. Unlike metal, plastic materials are lightweight, non-corroded with high resistance. Check out for all types of plastic products and learn more about different fabrication processes.

The hard and soft plastic materials from plastic waste are shredded and combined with sand in order to recycle and reprocess them into something else. To create consistency in the fabrication, the plastic is pressed by machines that produce different products such as tile molds, roof sheets, pipes, shoes, pergola, etc. This also helps in making the product durable, sustainable and ready to use. 

The company collects all the plastic waste, melts the materials of plastic and then uses a machine to cut them into small pieces. It then compresses the melted plastic with the help of a hydraulic press and molds it into the panels.

The panels made up of plastic are 6 to 8 ft. thick. They are durable and non-porous and are used to build houses, apartments, buildings, etc. Around 80 to 85 panels are required to build a house of 450 sq. ft. These panels transmit and recycle about 2 tons of plastic pollution that could be swept out into oceans or landfills.

To collect the plastic trash, the companies pay a subsequent amount to trash collectors. They keep the plastic material coming in on a daily basis which results in fabricating panels.