Use Videos from Santa to Help Your Brand Create an Impression This Christmas


Digital technology has proved to be a useful tool in the business world. For instance, brands are using social media to promote and build their brands. They are partnering with social media influencers to reach more people, and so on. One of the most important topics when it comes to engaging audiences on digital platforms is the use of videos.


Customers are more receptive to images and videos compared to text. If used in the right way, you will have a competitive advantage. The festive season is fast approaching, and you have to take advantage of the buzz to grow your brand. Using Portable North Pole will help you create the right impression during Christmas. Here are the reasons why using videos will be a big win.

  1. They are attention-grabbing

If you are selling children’s items, using videos to promote the items will increase your sales. For instance, you can incorporate stuffed animals in your Santa videos on Portable North Pole. You can have the videos show on digital displays located in the high traffic areas in a mall or in your store to bring more traffic to your business.

Be strategic with the items you put on display in order to boost sales. You can incorporate call-to-action to motivate parents and the children to buy things for their loved ones.

  1. They can increase engagement

Leverage your social media pages with Santa videos to boost engagement. Create video postcards for Christmas and post them on your Facebook page. Provided they are exciting; people will be willing to engage. Include a share button for your audience to share with other people who might be interested in the videos. This way, you will create brand awareness and boost your lead generation strategy.

  1. Use videos to hold contests

Create Christmas videos and hold contests where your customers can win prizes. Everyone loves the chance to participate in a competition and win a prize. Such contests will make your customers come looking for you even when there are no competitions. This will be good for your bottom line.

  1. Use Christmas videos to showcase your products

You are often advised to post content at the time that your target audience is available to view them. Incorporating your products in Christmas videos is a smart move. People are attentive and more willing to buy at this time. Videos create a lasting impression in the minds of the customers. Whenever they need a product you offer, they will remember you and buy it.

The internet traffic that is there for videos increases by the day. People are looking for more exciting and engaging means of interacting with the brands of their choice. Take advantage of this to connect with both existing and prospective customers. This is the perfect time to fetch traffic for the new year. If you work now, the benefits will not stop streaming in. Customers will appreciate entertaining content during this season.