Using Oak in The Home: 5 Design Tips


Oak is a timeless wood and has been used to decorate people’s homes for centuries. It stands the test of time and is often incorporated into homes of those hoping to capture a cosier and rustic appearance. Oak comes in two different varieties and you will probably be familiar with both.

The first is white oak which tends to have flecks of yellow running through it. The second is the more traditional red oak that usually has a light brown colouring, although pinkish red shades are also normal. Its durable nature and wavy grain makes it a sought-after wood, especially when it comes to home décor and design.

If you are thinking of bringing more oak into your home, here are five great design tips to get you started:

  1. Oak Entrances
    One of the best ways to use oak in the home is to use traditional oak doors throughout the interior. Oak is the best option for interior doors because of its durable and eco-friendly nature. They add instant style and a sense of quality to your home, making them the ideal choice if you want to capture an authentic rustic appearance. It is also advised that you match the body of the door with oak door handles to finish off the look.
  2. Oak Floors
    When it comes to flooring your house, there is no better option than natural wooden oak. It is extremely hard wearing and improves with age. The natural grain of oak provides for a striking floor. In addition to its authentic appearance and credibility, oak is fungal resistant and handles staining incredibly well. Oak flooring comes in a range of different shades from white to very dark, allowing you to choose the colour of your choice.
  3. Wooden Ornaments
    Oak is quite flexible and is often used in art form. Sculptures and wood carvers have been using this material to create beautiful pieces of art for centuries. You can find them in a lot of vintage markets and interior design stores as their popularity in the modern home never seems to fade. Adding an oak ornament to your home can make a room look and feel a lot warmer and is ideal if you want to bring the rustic vibe to life.
  4. Oak Bookshelves
    If you are something of a bookworm and have quite the collection going, you may want to invest in a high-quality bookshelf to store all your beloved novels. An oak bookshelf is the perfect choice because it adds a great deal of impact and character into the home. You don’t even have to use it to store books; it can be used to hold all kinds of bits and pieces such as ornaments, photographs and old DVD’s etc.
  5. Oak Cabinets
    According to Better Homes and Gardens, oak cabinets were the most popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens in the 1980s and 1990s. However, their popularity has not deteriorated since then and many homes today still enjoy their warm presence.